An Official Look at the adidas Marquee Boost for Basketball

adidas Hoops is about to introduce a brand new model to its 2018 lineup. Say hello to the adidas Marquee Boost.

While I’ve been underwhelmed with the current adidas Hoops lineup aesthetically, this all-new adidas Marquee Boost is looking a lot more appealing to me.

Blending elements from one of my favorite silhouettes, the adidas Top Ten, and placing modern performance touches to the shoe. They give off a Retro vibe while still maintaining modern performance.

The build features a mixture of materials. From knit to basic textiles and synthetic Fuse welds. There is plenty to soak in when looking at these beauties compared to the Harden Vol 3 and the upcoming adidas Dame 5. A full length Boost midsole is used for cushion while the lateral outrigger is similar to what we’ve seen on the Harden Vol 2. Its outsole looks just like the Dame 5s, with full length herringbone — something you’ll never hear me complain about.

These official images from adidas show that the release is nearing. Original reports state that we would be seeing these in December 2018 for $130.

What are your thoughts on the adidas Marquee Boost? Are they visually appealing to you? Maybe you think they’re boring. Performance could be solid as well. Sound off below and let us know.

Images via adidas/US11


  1. Gorgeous!!! These look amazing! Retro vibe, great traction pattern, nice materials, full length boost: shut up and take my money!

  2. I was feeling these until I saw the price. Like the BYW Level 1 I think I will wait for a sale (got my BYW for around $70).

        1. well I don’t know about what you call as Hall of Fame level performance other than if you have any issues with Boost or problematic traction and longevity. although I can’t think of any award winning shoe with nice materials that would cost around $100 or less on launch date. truth is, we are only able to get such price “sometimes” once shoes drop in the outlets or once the hype is gone. that’s the reality. I guess the question is, do you want these now or later. if I have the cash, I would but right now, I hope these won’t end up just like the Dame 2’s (great colorways) which were hard to find once I got the cash for them a year after.

          anyway, they look nice and reminiscent of the early crazy light boost Wiggins. the only two issues I had with that shoe was that the traction burned quickly and the heel material tore away (not durable). I just hope that these won’t have that issue since the rubber and traction pattern looks similar and the neoprene might also wear and tear off quickly. anyway, these have been some better design from Adidas recently, so I’m stoked. my opinion btw.

  3. Reminds me of the late 90’s early 2000’s updated superstar models where they updated the superstar with tech for that era. Need to see more colorways that pay homage to the OG models.

  4. A solid black upper with the orange touch and Adidas logo wiould have made it more appealing to me.

  5. Now this has my attention. I’m really liking the modern retro look, as well as the boost and herringbone. Seems like what they did years ago with the converse allstar 2000.

    I hope these deliver in performance and be a reasonable replacement this year for the crazy explosive.

  6. Wow. What a design! Loving the retro nods with modern materials. Not my colorway, but I can wait for others. If that boost feels as good as it looks, this could be the worthy successor to the crazy explosives instead of the pro bounce.

  7. Looks like a frankenspawn of the lillard 2, clb 2016 and d rose 8. In saying that i mean it positively and if they dont weigh a tonne i think they will be fantastic

    1. lol. not sure what you meant by a ton. but a ton would be something like wearing a highend designer shoes that feel like you’re wearing a cement brick on your feet.

  8. I like the looks and the boost mid sole. But to me this is a shoe that looks like it’s lacking support, big time. We’ll see how the shoe performs in that department.

    1. I’m with you…. Unless your heel actually sits down into the top of the boost a little bit, this looks like lockdown in the heel could be sloppy.

      If that turns out not to be the case….. I’m super, super intrigued.

  9. This shoes will look better with bounce cushion and I think will give better performance overall. In addition, I think that they only use boost only for marketing and excuses to rise the price

  10. Not crazy about the looks of those.
    But i am very happy to see that there is a future to what the Crazy Explosive line started. I wonderd if the Adidas guys had a feel for the fact that they not only had a winner with this concept but simply the benchmark. It will be interesting to see if this time around the outsole will be eaten away like cheesecake again.
    I‘m curious about different materials and colorways. The Boost sole looks like it will do more for the joints than the Hardens, Crazylights and not to mention all that Bounce models. Personally everytime someone talks about „court feel“ as a positive feature the same thought springs to my mind. The 50ies with their Chucks must have been heaven for all those kind of guys…

  11. Let’s get some Boost Patrick Ewings next, Adidas! Of course they’d have to change the name, but still.

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