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Allen Iverson and Reebok Announce I3 Legacy Collection

Here’s some good news for fans of Allen Iverson and his Reebok signautre sneakers.

While we’ve been hit with a few retro releases here and there of past Iverson models, we haven’t had many of them return, and there were classic colorways missing from the ones that have been re-released.

The good news is that Allen Iverson had a meeting with Reebok and a new design team that are working on an upcoming I3 Legacy collection. We can see that there are plenty of shoes that have never seen the light of day since they were original releases — that bodes well for those that have wanted the Answer 2, 3 and 5 to return (among others).

So far all we know is what has been published on Allen’s Instagram profile but stay tuned for updates for future release information regarding the I3 Legacy collection.

via @theofficialai3


  1. I wish they could find a way to make them comfortable at least. I understand they can’t use the original DMX tech but at least put something in there that makes them feel like something close to the originals and make them suitable for ball. That DMX foam stuff is horrible for ball, but they are at least rockable.

  2. No more QUESTIONS please and PLEASE give us OG DMX..you do remember DMX Moving Air right Reebok? You did invent it and still use it but it running and walking shoes so why not in retro Basketball sneakers? I don’t think most of us will mind the durability issue as most won’t be using it for ball since there are better options out there in terms of materials and weight. But we want to feel that DMY air again and I’m sure the “Social Media” generation wants to try it for the first time too and maybe they will love it. Those DMX 10 are dope but $140-160 for DMX Foam? Let me run Reebok for a year and I’ll show you how to run a business. Hit me up Reebok/adidas.

  3. With Under Armour’s profile falling like Trump’s approval ratings, Reebok has an opportunity to step in IF they can get the funk off of their name. Like Steph Curry with UA, AI is an anomaly with Reebok. He has his own cool factor that does not translate to the rest of the company. They need more dirt, grit, in order to turn it all around. They do not have enough cred to hit Nike directly as did Adidas, but they do have enough capital to change a few minds about their product.

  4. If they can’t bring “real” dmx back, maybe they could at least use use hexalite or their new fluidfoam. I still miss dmx.

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