There is An Air Jordan XXXI Russell Westbrook ‘Why Not?’ PE Releasing

It isn’t April 1 yet, so we assume this isn’t a joke, but there seems to be an Air Jordan XXXI Russell Westbrook ‘Why Not?’ PE releasing at the end of April.

If you’ve been paying attention to Russell Westbrook’s feet then you already know that he’s been wearing a modified version of the Air Jordan XXXI that fans have dubbed the 30.5. He’s also been seen wearing a pair of Air Jordan 3 PEs made up in OKC colors using a black/cement Air Jordan 3 base. Blending the best of both, it looks like this ‘Why Not?’ edition of the Air Jordan XXXI will be the first PE to release of the shoe.

I can’t recall seeing Westbrook wear this exact pair on-court so he might not have done so just yet (perhaps he’s holding off for this year’s Playoffs). However, the shoe utilizes elephant print at the heel, Flyweave at the midfoot and forefoot, along with re-used tooling from the Air Jordan XXX — complete with galaxy outrigger print and all. The outsole will feature “Why” and “Not” to keep with the “Why Not?” theme Westbrook has been pushing.

Rumor has it that these are scheduled to release on April 29 and there has been no price given at this time. Hopefully, they’ll be the same price as the other Air Jordan XXXI colorways which are listed at $185.

Let us know what you think of this Air Jordan XXXI PE and if you’d be interested in grabbing a pair once released.

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  1. Wow, Nike actually listened. They should be performance beasts. Westbrook has certainly been doing well in them.

  2. I thought that’s I was finished with the XXXIs after Saturday, now these are coming out. I guess I’ll stop in May.

  3. Straight FIRE! but if they’re calling it anything it should be the Westrook 0 (Zero) just like his number 🙂

  4. man i hope the traction on these are better than the 30’s even though they look (almost) the same?

      1. That’s weird. I was personally hit up by a product line manager at JB after that review went live and they apologized to me about the rubber on the launch pairs being faulty. They did the same about the 31s as well.

  5. I figured they’d release the 30.5 if he won MVP and call them the “XXX1 MVP” or whatever.

    Anybody play in the Black Cats? I’m interested to see if the solid sole has better traction than what reviews gave the clear soles.

  6. I like these a lot, but we have to wonder what could have been. How RW doesn’t have his own shoe is beyond me. We should at least be on the RW4 by now. With his style and fashion, I can’t even imagine what kind of shoes and colorways we could have seen.

    1. Russ is the face of the Air Jordan line. There’s no point in him having his own separate basketball shoe if he’s supposed to wear the flagship shoe.

    2. I am not 100% sure, but I think he said he’d rather just play in the flagship model and his signature would be lifestyle shoes. He already has two models out.

      1. I think a general release of Russ’ shoe would, on top of releasing two flagship shoes in six months, admit to failing with the XXX and XXX1. “The face of our flagship shoe doesn’t like the shoe. Release the one he wears that corrects our F-up!”

  7. I like them – never tried the 30’s but if the traction is pretty good I would prefer these as I also like the extra arch support (even if you lose the full length zoom)

  8. Dude, I’m in. Love the fact these kinda rub off like a products legit developed on the court despite being a reuse of older tooling. It works to Westbrook’s preferences and it’s probably the most legit R&D demonstrated by Nike without need of promotion.

    And it looks awesome.

  9. The 20 year old version of me would buy these opening weekend and deal with the wierd looks, the 30 year old version knows well enough Nike will drop a bred colorway in may and a USA colorway in June. Thank me later.

  10. of course im gonna cop these babies coz it will be my birthday on the 29th..! it would be a perfect gift to myself..! im gonna sell my kidney on the 28th..!

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