Air Jordan XXXI ‘Why Not?’ | Release Date & Price

The Russell Westbrook PE edition of the Air Jordan XXXI has an official release date and price. For those interested in grabbing a pair of the ‘Why Not?’ Air Jordan XXXI then you’ll be able to obtain them on April 29. Retail price has gone up to $200, which is weird, seeing as how the shoe re-uses old tooling from the Air Jordan XXX. However, the use of elephant print and its limited availability might have something to do with it.

Retail locations have yet to be announced but once we find out we’ll update you. We assume they’ll be available on SNKRS but hopefully they’ll also be available at some retail locations as well.

Let us know if you plan on going after a pair and stay tuned for updates as they come.



  1. Very odd the brand decided to let Westbrook push a hybrid instead of customizing the XXX1 to his needs…the tooling debuted on the XX9, not a good look IMO

  2. Well isn’t that special. It sounds like the one basketball shoe that I am interested in coming from Nike, is going to be horded by those fat little pugsley addams looking mofo’s over on NikeTalk, those who sit online all day waiting for sneaker releases, instead of using the shoes for which they are intended. I hope these release in enough quantities in store, just so that other athletes such as myself will at least get a hint of what this shoe may be like on court, combining the best of the newer offerings. Damned shame, but at least those of us who actually play will have Adidas and other brands.

  3. Even though I am not that big of a westbrook fan I really like the upper, I don’t care for the 30s mid/outsole tooling at all though and to me it ruins the shoe. I love my 31s especially the cushion and heel to toe transition is so much better imo than the 29s or 30s. I feel like I have better court feel and flexibility even in the 31s without sacrificing impact protection. I think its time to let khawi be the face of the air Jordan line and give westbrook his own performance sig that he can have tailored to him. I hope they don’t just tailor the air Jordan line to westbrook just based on how he likes the 30s tooling better.

  4. Okay, Okay. Now we get the chance to wear what Russ is wearing, minus the solid outsole. But what about Jimmy? Kawhi? Conley?

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