Air Jordan XXXI ‘Battle Grey’

An interesting new take on the Air Jordan XXXI was just unveiled.

Dubbed the ‘Battle Grey’, this pair is slated to release October 29 — which is pretty short notice. Retail price is said to still be $185.

It looks like a synthetic leather is in place of the Flyweave upper. The Swoosh has been embossed and there is a fin on the heel much like the Air Jordan XX3. There is also a concrete looking texture to the upper which makes us think the Battle Grey is for outdoor battle ground ball players.

Let us know what you think about this upcoming Air Jordan XXXI below in the comment section, and let us know how you feel about the shoe’s performance overall.




Via @J23app


  1. I would’ve loved the cracked leather because it’d cleverly blend with the knit, but with the latter removed, meh. Still looks good because now the look is more streamlined, and the Nike logo is less apparent. I feel like *that* is the way the brand transition look is supposed to be executed — with the logo embossed as opposed to printed.

    Something to keep an eye out of during clearance imo.

  2. I think those are gorgeous. I’m not a huge fan of the transition from flyknit to leather on the normal 31 it just doesn’t look that fluid to me, despite their best efforts. But, this all leather very clean look with the cracked-concrete-looking leather is great to me. I also feel like when we normally get a good profile look at the 31 we can see the zoom on the bottom, but we don’t see it there. Possible smaller unit? More stable?

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