Air Jordan XXXI ‘Banned’ | Detailed Look and Review

The Air Jordan XXXI gets the ‘Banned’ treatment and like it or not, they’re available now on store shelves.

Despite the inconsistent traction, the shoe was a major step up from the XXX, and felt like a truer successor to the XX9. If you wanted a detailed look and review of the Black/ Red version of the latest Air Jordan then this video should suit your needs. If you wanted a detailed performance review on the Air Jordan XXXI then click here.


  1. You think a solid bottom will solve the inconsistent traction? I’m hoping Nike releases the PE from RW’s China tour.

  2. I wouldn’t agree with the deducing the whole dislike of the branding scheme to people who just want retros. I get the the backstory to having that transition, but I’m not big on the execution. Jumpman logo could’ve been smaller or on the heel imo.

  3. If Brandblack can give me full length Italian leather for 30$. Jordan can’t even cover the heel in premium for 185.

  4. I personally really like the XXX1 and the way they look. I agree that people just want the retros. I loved the 29 casually and now really like the 31 casually. I feel the 31 plays well for me but I am 6’4″ 220lbs so maybe the zoom is “activated” more. Now I do play on Junior High and High School courts for the most part so the traction has been pretty good. I feel they do grab some dust. I have the USA colorway and may try to find this banned colorway as well. Cant wait to see what colorways are set to come. Nightwing, congrats by the way on the house and the continued success. Proud to support people that actually are humble and appreciate life. Kobe 6 was my first shoe I actually bought because of your review. Keep up the work.

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