Air Jordan XX Retro ‘Stealth’ – Another Look

This classic Air Jordan XX colorway will be making its way back to shelves next weekend… Who’s excited?

The Jordan XX is one of those sneakers that you either love or you hate. This colorway used to be one of my favorites, but with this new retro, one detail throws them off. The gold laser design.

These kicks looked so sleek, like a ‘stealth’ colorway should, when the laser was a darker color. This made the detail kind of a hidden treasure. But now, the gold laser design is just popping out and, in my opinion, it shouldn’t be. However, the gold color does look nice with the colorway. If it was featured somewhere else I feel it would have taken the shoe up a notch, but the laser design just doesn’t look right to me.
However, these shoes are still extremely nice and will bring back memories for some people. If you are looking to pick these up, then expect to cop them next weekend, Saturday March 14 for a steep retail price of $220

laser 20s 1

laser 20s 2

laser 20s 4

laser 20s 3

laser 20s 5


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