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Should Jordan Brand consider the Protro approach? After all, you can only re-release the same shoe, in the same colors, so many times. Right, Swaggy P?

We normally wouldn’t present a topic brought up by one of our own, but Stanley Tse brought something up that we just couldn’t ignore.

“Would you like to see Jordan Brand come out with its own Retro line like the Kobe Protro models?”

Feel free to share your thoughts on the topic down below. Stay tuned for more WearTesters Trash Talk.


  1. I’ve always wanted some concord 11s with full length zoom. Or any Jordan 1-11 with some kind of a forefoot zoom setup

  2. Some full length zoom or targeted flight plate zoom on them would be nice. Or maybe since early jordans are more of a casual shoe, maybe full react. Not the caged hyperdunk crappy react, but the react on the running shoes. That would be comfy.

    I understand there are people who want to keep em OG. They can also retro the unchanged versions periodically for those who want that. But for those who want performance/comfort benefits, theres the versions that are changed. Jordan is always releasing some weird hybrids or casual shoes with soles from the older models, and a lot of those tend to sit and go on the hash wall at the outlets. If they make a protro with better cushioning that looks the same, I think more people would be interested in them than those hybrid/homage shoes they pump out.

  3. Protro?! They couldn’t get the REMASTERED program right. That said, I really do not think that a protro treatment of Jordan’s line would do very well, only because that would mean that they’d raise the price yet again, because they can.

  4. They did some time ago – AJ Alpha 1. Full length zoom, perforated side panels and collar padding. Haven’t tried them but from what I remember people were saying they performed well.

    1. We discussed those in the video, but I don’t think many understand what a Protro is. A Protro looks like the original. Its modified in ways that enhance the original shoes performance but cannot be seen. The Alpha 1, while good on-court, doesn’t look like the AJ1. They weren’t constructed like the AJ1 with AJ1 materials. It was a brand new shoe just like the .0 and .5 series.

  5. Jordan/Nike are ALREADY changing Retros. For the worse. Removing tech. Changing material quality. Often times misleading or blatantly lying about what’s in a shoe on description pages. We usually only find out the truth when Fastpass dissects the shoe and confirms that yeah….. that tech isn’t in there. But the insanely inflated retail price sure is.

    Why not actually take pride in your product and try to make it the best? It would be awesome to have classic Jordan silhouette’s with full length Zoom, Lunar, Cushlon, or React. Using “premium” leather. If Li Ning can do it with the Way of Wade 2 a HUGE company like Jordan/Nike can also. “Quality basketball products inspired by the greatest player ever” meant something at one time.

  6. I’ve been saying this same thing for over a decade. Any full length air model, replace with full zoom (7-11). Any heel / forefoot air, replace with zoom (3-6)

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