Air Jordan Black Cat Review

The Tinker series continues with the Air Jordan Black Cat, a first draft concept sketch of what eventually evolved into what we now know as the Air Jordan 13.

The Air Jordan 13 is a beast on-court, and the Jordan Black Cat could have been as well.

Tinker’s initial draft design, now called the Jordan Black Cat, is built very similarly to the actual Air Jordan 13. Traction is very good while stability and support go above and beyond without being overly restrictive.

The materials on this particular colorway are the lighter weight mesh and synthetic suede build that we see on the Air Jordan 13 in the Black/Red and Flint colorways — as well as the original Black/Navy low top edition.

In our video review I detail my likes and dislikes from a performance perspective as well as from the perspective of a Michael Jordan fan and longtime fan of the Air Jordan shoe series.

Below you’ll find my performance scores for the shoe, which include the weight (because the Black Cat is noticeably bottom heavy) as well as the recent Air Jordan 13 in the ‘He Got Game’ colorway and ‘Bred’ colorway simply for comparison purposes. While the weight change between the three models isn’t extreme, it’s something that you can and will feel if you have the shoes in-hand or on-foot.

We hope you enjoy our review on the Air Jordan Black Cat. Feel free to share your thoughts on the shoe below in the comment section. If you wanted to grab a pair of your own then there are still sizes left at



  1. Thanks for the review and video. Concept shoe or not they should have included the forefoot cushion. It CANT add that much money to each shoe and it can make a HUGE difference. Its a plastic bag filled with air and a little fiber. Spend the extra 50 cents. Let your shoes be as awesome as possible Jordan brand.

    1. I completely agree… I was psyched when I first saw these and still am, but I would have like have played in them. I need that cushion. Oh well, they still look nice and I will still cop a pair.

  2. I think Nike went about these acceptably. Didn’t seem to go too far in pitching performance and just as an exhibition in being a mere concept. Didn’t price it like a retro and simply turned the sketch into something that can be held.

    Would’ve been cool to invest more tech, but I guess it could be argued that the 13 serves that purpose as a the finalized design.

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