The Air Jordan 6 ‘Black Infrared’ to Release in February for All-Star Weekend

The fan-favorite Air Jordan 6 ‘Black Infrared’ will re-release for a fourth time since its inception next year.

Thanks to overseas leakers we finally have a good look at what to expect for the next Air Jordan 6 ‘Black Infrared’ Retro. The shoe will feature the embroidered “Nike Air” at the heels and a much more true-to-the-original shade of Infrared. It will ride atop icy outsoles and a dense polyurethane midsole with a visible Air unit at the heel. For more detailed performance information check out Nightwing2303’s Air Jordan 6 Performance Review.

Last released in 2014, the shoe will once again celebrate Michael Jordan’s first championship — this time, for a new generation of sneaker enthusiasts. Nike Air branding was last seen on this shoe in 2000.

The 2019 Air Jordan 6 ‘Black Infrared’ release will retail for $200 on February 16, according to leaker @zsneakerheadz. That means the shoe will cost just as much as the 2014 version, which retailed for $185 (adjusted for inflation that $185 is $198 in today’s money).

Will you be picking up the next edition of this timeless Air Jordan? Let us know in the comments below.

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2019 air jordan 6 black infrared release date

air jordan 6 black infrared release date


Images via @hanzuying


  1. I need to see the shoe in a white background. I’m concerned that the Pepto Pink version of Red is coming back.

  2. If I’m being a stickler for details, I want to know if they got the heel right as the OG had this leather/nubuck hybrid material in the back. Also, the tongue height needs to be higher. Will want to see more pics before making a final decision.

  3. UGH!… the Back panel still isn’t right!! it shouldn’t be the same material as the rest of the upper, not to mention the tongue height and it need to have the white cut edges on the Leather as the OGs did..SMH cmon Nike! So basically this is the same as the last retro we got couple years ago except it has Nike Air and a different color Red? Damn the back panel material is so important to me aswell as the Nike Air , wish they would’ve done it the correct way. UGH!

  4. If I can’t get these for retail, I’m deleting the Sneakers App permanently and becoming strictly a Puma head.

    Nike – either take my $200, or kick rocks.

    Resellers – you suck. Get a real job.

  5. I’ll be grabbing a pair. It’s a classic model and colorway, and I’m looking forward to getting them in hand

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