Air Jordan 4 Retro ‘Laser’ – Official Look & Release Info

The last addition to the 30th Anniversary ‘Laser’ pack is here. Finally.

This year seems to be plentiful as far as Jordan 4s. This comes as a relief to many Jordan-heads, after the lack of Jordan 4 releases in 2014. With the Remastered quality (and the Remastered price tag!), the Jordan 4 makes a comeback.

The other shoes in the laser pack all seem to be sitting on shelves. You can still find the 1’s, the XX’s, and the Dub-Zero’s for retail. But, will the Jordan 4 follow suit? In my opinion, the combination of the model and the colorway will have these sold out faster than you can say “Hype Beast!” An all white upper with the laser design etched in gold?! And to finish it off with that icey-blue outsole? Crazy! I love this colorway, and I think they are nice, but the Laser 1s take the cake for me.

If you are looking to cop these, you can try your luck on Saturday, March 21 for the hefty retail price of $250. Let us know your thoughts on these, and whether they are worth the Remastered price!

laser 4s 1

laser 4s 2

laser 4s 3

laser 4s 4

laser 4s 5

laser 4s 6

laser 4s 8


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  1. I’m passing on the Teal 4s for these and hope that I have a shot. I could see a struggle on a pristine day to either rock these of the Legend Blue 11s. I don’t have many predominantly white pairs of J’s, but I think about things like this before purchasing.

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