The Air Jordan 32 Black and Red for MJ Day, October 18

After catching pics of the all black Air Jordan XXX2 earlier this week, and being impressed with the upper and look, we now have a full on look of the black and red 32 today.

Thanks to @carter1203 on Instagram (sorry, no bred here), the rumored release date of October 18 seems to still be holding, just in time for MJ day, and retail is still $185. But here is the news:

We finally get to see the traction. We have seen hints of the ankle collar, the heel ridges and tab, and the forefoot knit. Now, we see the pattern, the rubber, and most of the cushioning.

Just from the images, there is a huge forefoot Zoom Air unit and a HUGE heel unit, and in the midfoot, we have the carbon fiber/glass shank. This should help with the stiffness some felt in the midsole of the XXX1 (Westbrook included) and make transition smoother.

The traction is translucent on this model, which was a major problem for some on the XXX1, although the compound was tweaked after the first few colorways. The Air Jordan 32 features a diamond pattern that is very similar to the Jordan 2012 and the Nike Air Max Infuriate (which got high marks for traction in our Air Max Infuriate performance review), so there is hope for this pattern.

All in all, do these pics make you more or less excited about the new Jordan model? Was there any excitement in the first place? Drop knowledge below.

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  1. Not bad! Looks a little like a Melo shoe. I like that Flyknit. That traction better effing work! I hope the shoe doesn’t have that tippy feeling like the 31.

    Lastly… I’ll wait for a non-translucent version before purchasing.

    1. Pretty much second everything that you said.

      These look like a clean shoe and a performer (IF THAT TRACTION WORKS WELL).

  2. FINALLY!!! Although they should have a smokey translucent outsole, these look like an updated evolution of the AJ2 that I didn’t know I wanted until now. All that’s left is to get the right size if sites have the shoe early. The white Bulls home pair should look fantastic.

  3. I guess they are back to targeted zoom, which is fine if its implemented well. That traction, though, does not look good. We’ll have to wait and see, though.

  4. Based on the design of the XXX1 and this, are we safe to assume that the XXX3’s design language will be based on the AJ3?

  5. How does a retro with triple-decade old features cost $190 when a performance shoe with modern tech cost $185?

    1. That’s the difference between Pricing, and Cost. The cost(resources, to make, and construct, and transport) is fairly low on both, it’s why they can go on-sale for around 100 if they sit a while, you still make profit at 100. Great shoes, are always great shoes, the ‘window dressing’ changes, the fundamentals are still the same for sneakers now as they always were, so it’s about the hype, and a few details, how high the shoes are priced, and needless to say, Jordan’s are a prime-hype sneaker.

    2. I would say, because people buy the retros. I rarely see anyone in any of the new Jordan’s. I think there’s a definite cutoff with the shoes MJ never balled in for a lot of people.

  6. Really liking that these have large volume forefoot and heel zoom units. I feel separate heel and forefoot bags can be better tuned and more responsive than full length. Also looks like they cored out the foam around them without significantly impacting the sole like the XXX1s. That step in the sole around the heel and forefoot of XXX1 zoom bags was the deal breaker for me with the XXX1s. It screwed up the traction and the side to side stability – it made the shoes tippy and slippy feeling. This looks like JB fixed my two main issues with the XXX1s. Lets hope the traction is on point and the rest of the shoe is a nice integrated product. I’m getting more excited about these.

    October could a problem for my wallet with the Dame 4s, Lebron 15s and these. I better save up…

  7. Release these in OG AJ2 colorways and Jordan Brand will sell them faster than they can make them. Impressed by what I see here with the quasi-bred colorway as well.

  8. I kinda wish AJ would stop with the ice soles, but I see myself getting a 32 at one point or another.

  9. I like ’em, they seem to choose function>form, rather than the XXX1 who chose form>function, BUT, much like regular Nike, and adidas, Signature-shoes are turning into Team-Bank design(because the XXX2 looks like a Team jumpman), and that’s a big no-no for me, I get that with minimalist construction, you can’t put a lot of design on a shoe, but you can do more than just a Nu-Retro, it’s settling to do this, and at that price, settling is quite a vulgar money-grab.

  10. Seeing as the AJ2 is one of my favorites, the heel find are a nice touch.

    I think that full length zoom just doesn’t work in a basketball shoe. It is less flexible than a traditional encapsulated air bag due to the tensile fibers. therefore, you get that tippy feeling, especially the full length unlocked.

    The translucent sole is just so you can see the zoom. I’ve personally really like this colorway, just add a solid rubber RED red outsole. This is the first AJ I’ve looked forward to in years.

  11. These are definitely on my radar for when I need a new shoe to play in, which will probably be sometime in the winter. It’s these or the new Hyperdunks at this point. If the traction is close to as good as the Hyperdunks, I’ll go with these. Zoom is still #1.

  12. As long as that rand on the forefoot is soft and not stiff the upper looks like it will feel great! These just look so cool. Like the villain that everyone secretly wants to be.

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