Air Jordan 3 ‘International Flight’ | Detailed Look and Review

Drawing inspiration from the 1988 Midsummer Night’s Charity Game in L.A. hosted by Magic Johnson, the Air Jordan 3 ‘International Flight’ gets a retro makeover that feels like it was pulled right out of the ’80s.

The Air Jordan ‘International Flight’ pack was officially unveiled last week and we’ve a detailed look and review of the Air Jordan 3 from the pack before it’s slated to release on June 30 for $190.

Featuring soft premium feeling tumbled leather, the Air Jordan 3 ‘International Flight’ was a pleasant surprise when I first pulled it out of the box. I was hoping for nice materials but I just wasn’t expecting them to be $190 nice. Jordan Brand’s material quality has hit or miss, but these are a hit.

The official color of this shoe is Sail which is a cream color (not white). This look has been causing many on the Internet to be split on the shoe — some are claiming the “white” outsole is a deal breaker. Although, the Air Jordan 3 ‘Seoul’ featured a solid “white” outsole as well, but since that shoe was limited we suppose that changed the narrative from nit-picking to making it instant heat.

If you wanted a detailed look and review on the Air Jordan 3 ‘International Flight’ aka ‘Charity Game’ then we’ve got you covered. Look for these to hit retailers this weekend and good luck to those that are interested in grabbing a pair.


  1. I dig these but $190 is really starting to take a toll on my bank account. Also just looking at these hurts my knees.

  2. lol @ Nightwing clowning us older cats…to be quite honest, we’d break shoes like this in all summer outdoors and indoors, before we’d play in them during the school year. Or, we’d rock them casually until they broke in, then playing in what dudes nowadays call “beaters”. Jordan was rocking a new shoe every game, but these were built for his feet, his mould, his gait, therefore break in time wasn’t needed. Oscar Robertson had a great segment in his book about how he would not even play in his shoes, Adidas and Spaulding, until they were damned near falling apart. So now you have these cheaply made mesh and synthetic shoes being promoted as better, or supposed “performance beasts”, when all that really means is that the shoe is already broken in to a certain extent. To me and dudes like myself that less of break in time, only means a cheap assed shoe of poor value and craftsmanship. Great review tho’!

    1. I wasn’t clowning older cats. I was giving props. In a world with Phylon and other EVA based foams, it’s hard to fathom what it would have been like to only have rubber cup soles or PU midsoles as the latest and greatest in cushion. It might have been the norm for your generation, but its not for mine.

      1. lol, I was actually laughing as I typed it, because we used to clown my father’s generation for telling us that Chucks were the best thing ever, and that you should never wear your “gym shoes” outside! My comment was simply a “get off my lawn” reply…

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