The Air Jordan 18 Retro Deconstructed

Our friends at Fastpass are back at it again and they’ve chopped the Air Jordan 18 Retro to take a look at all its glorious tech.

Given the minimalist design used on the Jordan 18, Fastpass has provided us with a simple and straight to the point deconstruction of the Retro model.

Split straight down the middle to view the cross section, the sneaker shows us what we all were hoping to see: Zoom Air, and more Zoom Air, true the original sneaker’s construction.

While a full-length Zoom unit should be sufficient for comfort and impact protection, the Air Jordan 18 uses a second Zoom unit at the heel for double stacked comfort. The same set up is utilized in the Nike Foamposite One and Foamposite Pro (see the comparisons below).

After waiting fifteen years for the Air Jordan 18 to retro it’s a relief that Jordan Brand decided to stick with the cushion set up and not strip the tech from this sneaker. The Air Jordan 18 Retro even includes the carbon fiber-infused insole, a feature unseen in most basketball sneakers. (Michael Jordan was nearly 40 by the time he played in the Air Jordan 18 so it needed to deliver maximum cushioning.)

Let us know if you picked up the Air Jordan 18 Retro in the comments section below.

air jordan 18 retro deconstructed-1

air jordan 18 retro deconstructed-3

air jordan 18 retro deconstructed-4

air jordan 18 retro deconstructed-2 Air Jordan 18 Retro

nike foamposite one zoom-1Nike Air Foamposite One

nike foamposite pro zoom-1Nike Air Foamposite Pro




Source: FastPass


  1. So this answers my 20 year old question about what the difference is between the Pros and Ones. And the answer is absolutely nothing. But then I have to ask why did Nike even make a Pro in the first place. It’s not like they’re a takedown model.

    1. I think Penny Hardaway gets paid on all “One” models and with the Pro models all the profits go to Nike. Just a guess but that explains why foams are so comfortable I had no idea. Still not sure it justifies the price of $230 (for foams) but still. I only have one pair and I love them

      1. i remembered the was this rumor back in the days that the foam pro was meant for Pippen to wear but he passed it up cos it was too heavy…

    2. for some reason I don’t remember, I initially thought the pros were dumb-downed. that’s why I was hunting for the Ones. on the otherhand, I somehow preferred the Pennys because they looked clean, simple and doesn’t have the annoying swoosh logo on them. there are only 2 Foamposite Pros that somehow got my interest, the Dr.Doom and Silver Surfer iteration. on the otherhand, 3 things that somehow prevent me from buying the Foamposites, 1. they are heavy despite how comfortable they are, 2. they looked too flashy and unusual and gets too much unwanted attention, 3. they cost a lot.

      unless some of these Foamposites goes on sale or end up in the outlets at a cheap price, then I might consider getting a pair. for now, the Jordan 18s sounds more like a much viable option. hope we see more colorways for the 18s. anyways, I do feel that this Jordan era didn’t exist after the Bulls, it left somehow a bad taste on the mouth considering MJ wasn’t the same anymore.

  2. HOLY CRAP! Jordan brand didn’t neuter and make a knock-off of their retro. AMAZING!

    I still like to pretend these shoes don’t exist. Jordan in a Wizards uniform never happened.

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