Air Jordan 12 Retro ‘French Blue’ | Detailed Look and Review

French Blues are coming. The French Blues are coming.

The French Blue Air Jordan 12 makes its first Retro return, and thank goodness Jordan Brand decided to re-release the shoe after they’ve remastered the Retro product line. These don’t quite feature the original shape from 1996, but the material quality is nicer than what we’ve seen in years past. We just heard that the shoe’s release date was postponed to April 2 so you might want to check your local retailer to make sure the release date is accurate. This new information was published by J23App and we’re unsure if this is just for or all retailers carrying the shoe.

But, if you were interested in grabbing a pair then you’ll likely want to check out our detailed look and review before making a final decision. Even though, and be honest here, you were going to pick them up regardless. Don’t worry, I won’t judge you. Enjoy the video and good luck to those that plan on grabbing them.


  1. Good looking out on the “tech” info Nightwing, because nobody is else seemed to want to touch it. Also, it is good to hear that they are stiff, because the OG’s were actually groundbreaking in that regard. The OG’s had that trampoline effect due to that stiffness of the shoe and firm zoom air bag combo. The retro’s were mushy in comparison, which made you feel as if you were running in mud.

    1. That’s because nobody else knows the tech lol. Yeah, these are more like the OG than the 04 Retro in terms of on-foot feeling. Once they break-in they’ll feel even better.

  2. I’m good with my 04 Frenchies. I’m not sure if that stiffness will ever go away. I’ve only worn my casually for the past decade, but they still feel like bricks compared with today’s kicks. I wouldn’t wear mine for ballin since the outsole might come unglued. I’m just wondering why Jordan used this Nike inspired box. Mine 04s came in the Jordan Head black/grey box. I actually got these on sale for $135 (they were retailing at $150 in 04), because back then the OG heads did not like this color way or the Flint Grey that you mentioned… funny how I this time around they might sellout pretty quickly. Anyway, great vid as usual and enjoyed the talk on the tech specs… can’t beat full length zoom!

  3. Sounds like you should start up a new company to offer a service to write tech specs. For companies. Good looking out bro.

  4. Some guy on Instagram got these early since Nike messed up his order on the Masters, and one shoe was tumbled leather and the other shoe was smooth lol. (He says they are real, and the post has been “verified” by someone else so i’ll take his word for it. Also, stitching was AWFUL and there was glue everywhere. It honestly looked fake, but he had proof that they came from Nike.) It goes to show how quality management is at JB. Like you’ve said before in past Trash Talks, they’ve been very inconsistent. I really hope that it was fake, because if they did someone like THAT… I just don’t know what to say.

      1. From the pictures, the French Blues look like they’re of better quality. The colorways are complete opposites. Black vs White and Blue vs Red. You should be able to make the call yourself.

        The Flu Games have a better story, but I personally prefer the French Blues due to asthetics.

  5. Hey man thx for all your videos, i appreciate em. I got one question tho i wanted to get these for ballin cuz i love 12s for ballin. Just wanted to ask about the fit of the shoes, im usually an 8.5 or 9 but i heard these are kinda a .5 size big?

  6. these are my favorite AJ’s , best retro performance shoe, Nihgtwing , if you have to choose between today’s melo 12 and these , what would be your choice?

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