The adidas YOTD Pack Includes the Dame 4, Rose 8, and Harden Vol. 1

The Year of the Dog (YOTD) is approaching quickly and adidas Basketball has a pack of signatures ready to celebrate the new year.

While the brand hasn’t released anything official yet, it appears that adidas has collaborated with Ren Zhe, an artist that specializes in contemporary Chinese sculpture, to create the Dame 4 YOTD, Rose 8 YOTD, and Harden Vol. 1 YOTD. (If you’ve been tuning in you’ve already gotten a detailed look at the Rose 8 YOTD.)

All three signature athletes are shown ready for battle in front of stunning artwork that echoes the Ren Zhe sculptures. Additionally, all three sneakers are outfitted with predominantly black builds.

We’ll know more once adidas officially unveils the pack but for now, expect the Year of the Dog pack to arrive sometime in late January-early February.

Let us know which YOTD sneaker you’re feeling most in the comments below.

adidas dame 4 YOTD 11

adidas dame 4 YOTD 1

adidas dame 4 YOTD 10

adidas dame 4 YOTD 9

adidas dame 4 YOTD 2

adidas dame 4 YOTD 7

adidas dame 4 YOTD 8

adidas dame 4 YOTD 3

adidas dame 4 YOTD 5

adidas dame 4 YOTD 6

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 10

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 4

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 9

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 8

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 7

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 6

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 1

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 2

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 5

adidas Harden vol 1 YOTD 3

adidas rose 8 YOTD 10

adidas rose 8 YOTD 5

adidas rose 8 YOTD 2

adidas rose 8 YOTD 1

adidas rose 8 YOTD 6

adidas rose 8 YOTD 7

adidas rose 8 YOTD 8

adidas rose 8 YOTD 4

adidas rose 8 YOTD 3

adidas rose 8 YOTD 9



Source: kicksvisionofficial


  1. Rose 8’s look like they’ll be more comfortable to play in for wide-footers with that primeknit looking upper, and it looks aesthetically better then the other colorways.

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