adidas Unveils the Ultra Boost 19

Today, adidas Running unveils the adidas UltraBoost 19, a reimagined and redesigned version of the brand’s most iconic leading performance running shoe.

While redesigning the UltraBoost for 2019, designers and developers at adidas worked directly with thousands of runners. These runners stated they wanted a simpler product with fewer pieces but equally high performance. To achieve that, the original adidas UltraBoost was deconstructed and reconstructed from 17 pieces to focus on four key attributes – optimized BOOST, Torsion Spring, Primeknit 360 and the 3D heel frame.


Now with 20% more BOOST in the midsole compared to the original first-generation adidas UltraBoost, the UltraBoost 19 brings more cushion to the table. adidas’ Torsion Spring plate is in place for enhanced support on landings while adding a spring to the runners step that will propel runners forward during their stride. Primeknit 360 was engineered to feel like a second skin. While the updated 3D heel frame was stripped back to minimize its bulk it still cradles the heel — offering a balance between adaptability and support.

The adidas UltraBoost 19 will initially launch in a limited-release Laser Red colorway on December 15. Future limited-edition releases will follow as adidas Running gears up to the global launch on February 21, 2019.

Retail price will remain at $180.

Source: adidas


  1. Interesting… Adidas is really pushing that Pizza Hut logo huh? LOL!!!! I like it and will definitely give it a try… but I want a side of bread sticks to come with them…
    #BoostIsDead #BoostIsLIFE #PizzaHut #ILovePizza

  2. The first ultraboost looked instantly classic. This looks like its trying too hard. Actual running performance should be better, though, since this has a better torsion plate.

  3. The first ultra boost wasn’t an instant classic either. It wasn’t until Kanye rocked the white pair, that it took off. And even then from the 1.0 colors, a lot of them became discounts. Even the recently released black one with purple/blue heelcup.
    So it wasn’t as if the public immediately saw the potential. I think, with new colors and adjustments these could be quite good. I just hope Adidas color department will do it’s job.

    1. I said looked instantly classic. I couldnt care less about what kanye wore or the hype factor. That doesnt play a part in my opinion of a shoe. Perhaps ill reword the sentence- it looked good to most people on first impression. There. Sometimes i forget, with the internet, every single word gets analyzed and critiqued.

  4. honestly, these are terrible, all the worst aspects from the 3.0, the worst looking ultra boost, have returned here… adidas need a new design team, in my eyes.

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