adidas Unveils New Basketball Sneakers, the Pro Bounce and Mad Bounce

Today, adidas Basketball announced the Pro Bounce and Mad Bounce, two new basketball sneakers for the 2018-19 season.

WearTesters first spotted the adidas Pro Bounce when a PE for Joel Embiid surfaced online. Now, the shoe is official, and it will be worn by adidas athletes Donovan Mitchell, Zach LaVine, Kristaps Porzingis, Chiney Ogwumike, Candace Parker, Kyle Lowry, Nick Young, Jaylen Brown, Kelly Oubre Jr., and Brandon Ingram. It appears that the Pro Bounce will be replacing the Boost-equipped Crazy Explosive sneaker line that many of these athletes wore in previous seasons.

adidas pro bounce black white

adidas Pro Bounce

Built atop full-length Bounce cushioning midsoles, the Pro Bounce ($120), Pro Bounce Low ($110), and Mad Bounce ($100) are designed for court feel, comfort, and versatility in movement. The Pro Bounce upper will utilize adidas’ ForgeFiber, a TPU-coated yarn, at high force zones for better support. Force-mapped zones on the outsole, which uses concentric circles for its traction pattern, should enhance traction while an articulated comfort collar should offer support without restriction.

adidas mad bounce white gold

adidas Mad Bounce

The adidas Pro Bounce and Pro Bounce Low will release in a variety of colorways on September 1. The adidas Mad Bounce — a shoe that will be worn by Jamal Murray, Thon Maker, and Donovan Mitchell — will release on October 1. Look for these upcoming sneakers at and adidas retail stores.

Although little has been announced regarding the adidas Mad Bounce, what do you think of this new adidas Basketball line up for next season? Sound off in the comments below.

adidas Pro Bounce

adidas pro bounce on foot

adidas pro bounce black white

adidas pro bounce on foot

adidas Pro Bounce Low

adidas pro bounce low white black

adidas pro bounce low black white

adidas pro bounce low

adidas MAd Bounce

adidas mad bounce black gold

adidas mad bounce on foot

adidas mad bounce black gold

adidas mad bounce white gold


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  1. Replacing the crazy explosive? Man, that sucks. I might stock up on couple since they’re on discount. One of my all time faves. I’m not dismissing these bounce things, they could be good, but the crazy ex was savage.

      1. I’ve got a couple 10.5 on sale of the black ado ones if you want. I actually have a pair of the pro bounce lows and they feel cheaper but performance wise quite good. Very balanced shoe. I really like them.

      2. Just on amazon. The price varies in the various sizes(the non pk 2017s could be had for under 80 sometimes), and ive seen some pics of people seeing them in ross or something like that for very cheap. Usually big sizes tho. If i dont keep em in stock in a few years i know ill regret it, and im pretty sure theyll never retro em.

      3. check out Burlington {Coat Factory}..2016 crazy explosive lows, 2018 CE high tops, DRose 8s, Lillard 4s all for $29.99…they’ve have them for the past couple months so there may be slim pickings left

  2. The CE’s cushion was too much tbh. I’m a 1-2 guard and I can feel the “delay”. If these replacements are going to be a re-enforced Alphabounce for basketball, then they’ll be dope af. And for that price point? come on now.

  3. The CE line was a hit among many players at the gym I play ball at. To see Adidas take the CE line out completely is a surprise, but I can see as far as cost reduction why they would do it. Personally speaking, I always liked bounce over boost for basketball. Just feels right for me as a 2-4, the right amount of “bounce” and stability as a bigger guy that moves fast. I’m interested to see these in hand.

  4. Yup, I could not play in any of the boost hoops models that Adidas offered over the past couple of years, so I welcome not only this change, but also the more traditional upper. I hate sock shoes, never could get good lock down in them, and then am glad that Adidas has wised up. I have been balling in Nike SB Dunk Pro Mid and High’s for the past few months, with great success actually. Here’s to the new direction that Adidas seem to be going in!

  5. For old ballers, like me, Boost is the way. Maybe Adidas will use it only for the premium collections.
    Whatever. .. I love my standard CE 2017

  6. Not excited if adidas indeed phasing out the CEs. Still love the 16 lows and really like the 17s.

    That said the Crazy Bounce Pros look intriguing. Really happy there is a regular tongue. If they go thicker bounce like the Dame 2s, then these could be really fun and doable with my middle aged knees. If they go thinner bounce like Dame 4s, then I’m going to pass.

  7. As a forward, I loved having the Boost for impact protection, but I’m not mad at Bounce at all. I’m interested to find out why adidas made the switch. Hopefully it’s the same performance at a more affordable price

  8. I might cop a PE version of the Pro Bounce Lows if they come out with a Jaylen Brown PE or even if they put out a dope colorway. By the time hoop season starts, they’ll already be on sale.

  9. These actually look pretty good. I’ve never played in Bounce, but I’d be willing to try. Boost didn’t really do anything for me in the CE 16 or Rose 7. If Adidas gets their sizing right and a 12 is really a 12, I’d consider coping these new joints.

  10. No mention of Andrew Wiggins. Do they have something special planned for him or will his contract be up in October?

    1. I saw his version of the Pro Bounce last week. It’s that lime green with some royal blue in it.

  11. Damn, the CE line was one of my favorites. Why are they stepping back from boost in basketball shoes – first D Rose and now CE?

  12. For me personally Boost was the reason to try Adidas Basketball shoes and in the Crazy Explosives i found a shoe with the best cushion for me. I also play in the DRose 6 on a regular basis.
    Bounce is not the end of the world (i liked the Alphabounce) but i my opinion it is no argument to keep wearing Adidas Basketball shoes.
    If my last Boost pair is completely destroyed someday and there is no possibility to buy those any more i guess i will look at anything with full lenght Zoom Air again.
    Most of the time it is no advantage to be an old fool like me but in this case it means my several pairs of Crazy Explosive will have a long life because i simply don‘t play each and every day anymore like all the kids.
    Maybe those Boost you wear shoes are the next best thing? Never tried those.
    It seems that the Crazylights and Hardens are here to stay a while longer at least but both hurt my joints so they are not the ones for me anyway.
    Jordan 18s with a modern knitted upper would be on my wishlist.

  13. I have nothing but boost in my bball line. Rose 6,7.
    Ce 16, ce16low. Ce17. Harden 1and 2. I need a ce18! With boost. Hear me adi?
    Me and my selfish rant.

  14. Wow this is an outraged! The crazy explosive line being discontinued speaks to Adidas appearing to back out of the basketball space. Injecting your most popular team shoe with budget cushion is a really odd move. It’s not like they’re a small brand that needs to cut corners on cost. Safe to say I won’t be buying any adidas basketball shoes this year. Sad day…

  15. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was an honest performance-minded move. I think Adidas has been exploring every way they could implement Boost, but there’s no changing or making up for its core identity. Like, the CLB, isn’t all that…CL because of it.

    Realistically it probably makes more sense to have one Boost dedicated to one signature player, and one team shoe. In 2016-2018 they threw Boost at the main team shoes, and then 2 signature shoes, albeit a transition period. I get that Nike isn’t entirely original with mixing up cushion (more like skimping), but Boost this, Boost that…. some shoes lacked what others had. Better off just trying to get the cut right in one package instead of forcing multiple interpretations — but I could be wrong and they’re going to kick out multiple basketball Boost models again.

  16. I’ve got both CE 16 and 17’s and love them, even though the 17 knits are a PITA to get on my foot. But I’ve switched to the Dame 4 and for my 42 year old legs Bounce is way better. And I’m a bigger guard/wing. I’m mad hyped for these, especially the Spida Mitchell PE’s.
    And for those still wanting Boost, they got you. The TMacs look dope. There’s leaks of the other Boost BBall models. But try Bounce, I’m now a convert

  17. ^Totally agree. I wonder why adidas doesn’t try to implement boost in targeted areas. I realize the first few boost models did that and they weren’t great but having a thin bounce midsole with boost encapsulated in the forefoot would feel great

    1. I’ve wondered about that too. It would make for a dual density kind of set up. That could be really good if done right especially because some boost hasn’t been all that soft lately. So firm Boost that could absorb impact while encapsulated in Bounce could be something special.

  18. Boost is good but it does bottom out if that’s your only shoe you ball in everyday. I’ve notice most people who wear boost are the big boys or old folks. Seems like adidas want to use boost here and there. Since a lot of them love Nike shoes (hyperdunk, kobes, lebron and paul). Harden and Lillard are really the face of adidas and the others are third. Also a lot of shoe companies are coming hard this basketball sesson so adidas is probably trying to stay in the mix.

    1. bottoms out? when? I’m still wearing my Rose 6′ pairs since 2016 and yet wait for them to bottom out before retiring them. they are so tough and comfy that I decided one of the pairs to be used as an everyday beater. they could have lost a “tad bit” of their awesome comfort but they would still shame a typical EVA or phylon foam to this day. point is, so far cushion should be the last thing to worry about Boost shoes. the Boost shoes would have an extremely dirty and worn-out upper, worn out traction and worn out outsole with an exposed boost even before the shoe eventually bottoms out. I have thrown away my CL Boosts with still a good intact Boost Cushion only because the heel counter was completely worn out. I could have kept them if not only for that reason.

  19. The mad bounce looks like a high cut alpha bounce with a basketball outsole lol. Im kinda intersted

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