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adidas Unveils the Dame 3 ‘West Capmus’

adidas continues to kill it with great colorways showcasing an off-court edge to its on-court lineup.

This colorway of the Dame 3 has been dubbed ‘West Campus’ as Dame himself states: “West Campus is where we practiced with Coach Young lifting those bricks. It was an abandoned building, but they had a gym in there that we could use for free. It’s just funny because that was normal for us. That’s where it all started.”

While retaining the storytelling element, none of the colorways we’ve seen give off a cheesy or childish vibe. These could have no story attached to them at all because at the core of things it’s just a clean colorway.

As for the small details of the color placement, the colorway’s off-white upper pays homage to the gym walls while cargo detailing and burgundy accents are meant to represent the wooden backboards, unfinished floors and aging bleachers of West Campus at Berkley Adult School where Damian’s AAU team would practice.

If you were interested in the Dame 3’s performance then you can head over to our performance review below, and if you’re digging the ‘West Campus’ edition of the adidas Dame 3 then you’ll find them available at select adidas Hoops retailers beginning March 31 for $115.

adidas Dame 3 Performance Review

  1. i don’t know, i just don’t think the dame 3 works as a casual shoe (mind you, i didn’t think the dame 2 looked good off court either, but the dame 1 is another story, beautiful shoe)….it’s not the ‘napkin’ that throws me off, it’s that huge ribbed midsole thing, just too much going on with the design of the shoe with all the different materials and lines
    that being said it is a really good basketball shoe

    1. I agree but its that tongue throws it off for a casual shoe. I like the napkin and the midsole. But that elf tongue.. Lillard 2 is the best looking one on and off court.

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