adidas T-MAC 5 Retro

The adidas T-Mac 5 was rumored to see a Retro release this summer and it looks like it’ll be happening.

So far 3 colorways look to be releasing, one of which an original colorway. Not sure when or where they’ll release, but once we get something official then we’ll post an update.

Check out the images below and let us know what you think.adidas T-MAC 5 Retro 1 adidas T-MAC 5 Retro 2 adidas T-MAC 5 Retro 3 adidas T-MAC 5 Retro 4 adidas T-MAC 5 Retro 5




  1. Can’t wait for more details on this model like price point release date. The original color way if any.

  2. Looks like they replace wooden pieces in the originals with TPU.
    Just a small aesthetics change if thats the case.
    Wouldn’t mind if they retro the T-Mac 6 as well.

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