adidas Rose 8 ‘Year of the Dog’ Surfaces with Black Boost

The Chinese New Year is quickly approaching and the sneaker brands will, like every year, have unique silhouettes for the new year.

Spotted in an overseas forum, the adidas Rose 8 ‘Mastiff’ appears to be one of the brand’s sneakers that will celebrate the year of the dog. Nearly blacked out, the sneaker flaunts unique insoles that read “MASTIFF” and feature Chinese characters.

Chinese characters can also be spotted beneath the smokey black outsoles in red, and on the heel seams. Blacked out Boost at the heel helps the look, and metallic silver three stripes branding offers some pop.

There is no official word yet on pricing or release date but the shoe should release close to February 16 (Chinese New Year).

What do you think of this Rose 8? Sound off in the comments.

adidas rose 8 year of the dog mastiff 1

adidas rose 8 year of the dog mastiff 4

adidas rose 8 year of the dog 1

adidas rose 8 year of the dog mastiff 3


Images via Hupu 227hhhhhh


  1. Wow what a big difference CW makes.. unless this one has different materials vs the White/Blue CW. These ones don’t look as cheap. Although that adidas branding style and placement makes it look cheap. Please don’t give up on Rose line adidas. We all know Rose will never be that MVP Rose but I’m sure you can still design good looking performance sneakers under his name.

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