adidas Rose 4

We’ve seen a glimpse of the adidas Rose 4 and it looks like that was the final version.

SprintFram, adiPrene and GeoFit all make their way onto Rose’s next signature while the outsole features the new revamped PureMotion.

Looks wise, I’ll have to see them in person but performance wise… they sound solid.





  1. I really hope this is a first draft. It’s gotta be. This is some of the weirdest color blocking I’ve seen in a while.

    1. I agree, it looks like they took two halves of two different shoes and just stuck them together

  2. They don’t seem to have the Boost tech in them or at least it isn’t transparent. I’m willing to ride out my 3.5s and see what’s up with 4.5s if that is the case.

  3. I hope these ain’t the final version, the sprint frame looks similar to the D Rose 3. Adidas can do better but the traction looks sick tho.

  4. The cushioning on these look like the Crazyquick. I’m so curious about what’s those are going to be like. It almost looking like a Nike Free system with some structure.

  5. i just find adiprene too dense, bad knee. I dont think adidas works too closely with their athletes cuz drose wud need some major cushioning&support for bummed up knee, even with heavy shoes.

  6. I hope this isn’t the final shoe. Otherwise it’s a big letdown. The Rose 2.5-3.5 have all had the same silhouette. Don’t get me wrong, I liked all 3 shoes for the most part. ” well… the 3.5’s were ok” This is just showing little to no imagination on Adidas part. And if they’re gonna compete with the likes of Nike… they need to step their game up.

  7. They look WAY too similar to the 3s. In fact, I like the way the ventilation looks on the 3s more. No creativity in design. Performance might be awesome tho. But I would much rather the crazy light 3.

  8. I wish they would stop pumping out these rose models so fast. It just takes the sentimental value out of a signature shoe if you release 3 within the same year

  9. It looks as if Adidas is stepping up the traction game lately. The color blocking on these is strange though.

  10. baaaahaaha i thought the Hyperdunk 2013s were ugly. I think this would be the first shoe that helps you play better…by distracting the other team.

  11. these are trash! I have to pairs of 3’s and it looks like ill be needing another, complete trash!

  12. These don’t look right to me, the line on the back seems to abrupt and the heel hangs lower than the forefoot. bizarre.

  13. These are a draft. if you look close enough at the heel cushion you can see that it isn’t quite on the same line as the forefoot. these must be leaked design specks or something,

  14. Do you think this model of the rose shoe will have implemented the Adidas energy boost foam used in the running shoe?

  15. They ugly, hidious, I would never wear them. Im and Adidas fan but this design is very disappointing.

  16. WTF? I’m a big D-Rose fan and adidas too, but this is terrible. This is basically the Rose 3, 3.5, and Crazyquick all together. And the two halves? The sprintframe needs to either be totally redesigned, or just GO AWAY. Seriously, it looks so much like the sprintframe in the 3’s and 3.5’s. I can see some minor changes in it, but it looks way too similar. Also, cutting it in two halves was a TERRIBLE idea. Why? It does not give the shoe a smooth look at all. The sole looks like the Crazyquick’s, which I am fine with. The holes on the shoe though make it look like the 3’s. If this is the final, then I quit…terrible shoe idea.

  17. he need to do some kicks like the 1, or 1.5 again those to me are very affective when i need to dunk

  18. Adidas you guys are wacking it up like foreal come up with some different ideas but I’m still sticking with you guys in fact right now in saving up for some a pair of grey shorts

  19. I’ve read somewhere, the 2 color means the transition period Of Rose’s return. Leaving the old behind and the new Rose coming this season. More powerful, faster, and greater Rose. Makes sense right.

  20. Adidas shoes are better in personal than pictures. Based on my experience. Performance wise i’ll pick adidas over nike, but nike shoes are so good when it comes to design.

  21. This shoe just look plain stupid. Frankenstein himself would not wear this. Nobody gonna buy these ugly shit. I hope adidas aint stupid enough to release abomination !!!

  22. NOTE: all hyper series Nikes are basically the same, oversized Zoom unit something on each years pair that’ll ruin before the next season release, strong advocate of Addidas an what they’ve done making D Rose’s the top basketball shoe along with KD and Lebron, who have the same placement of zoom unit, slightly different shoe patterms. come on…

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