adidas Pro Bounce Detailed Look and Review

adidas Hoops has added the adidas Pro Bounce and Mad Bounce to its 2018 lineup. The brand was nice enough to send over a pair of the Pro Bounce for WearTesters to check out so we’ve got a detailed look and review for you.

We — and the Internets — have speculated that the long list of adidas athletes set to wear the adidas Pro Bounce this NBA season could signal the end of the popular Crazy Explosive line that featured a full-length Boost midsole.

While there has been no official word stating that this is the case it does seem strange to showcase two models across an entire lineup of stars when those same athletes used to wear the Crazy Explosive. Fingers crossed that the news is just to heavily promote the Pro Bounce and Mad Bounce models and not a sign that the Explosive line is coming to an end after just two models.

The adidas Pro Bounce features full-length Bounce cushioning, as its name suggests. Bounce, for those that have yet to try it, is very comfortable. If your past experience with adidas basketball products only includes its previous EVA and adiPrene setups then you’re missing out.

Bounce offers a low-profile ride and gives the wearer a nice under-foot feel. Yes, it feels a bit bouncy. Not Boost level bouncy, but there is some feedback while in motion. I think it’s a good blend of responsive cushion and court feel.

The materials are what adidas is calling Forged Mesh. It’s fairly similar to the toe area on the Harden Vol. 2, but it doesn’t feel as…starchy? Not sure how to describe it, actually. It’s just more like normal mesh, but there are some areas that are reinforced while other areas are still soft and allow airflow.

Traction looks and feels awesome. The spiral pattern reminds me a bit of the Hyperdunk 2012, and I hope it plays just as well — or better.

At $120 the adidas Pro Bounce feels like it could be a solid bang for your buck model, but we’ll test them out and get a review out as soon as possible. There are high and low ($110) versions available now in team bank colorways (school colors) at retailers like

Let us know what you think about the adidas Pro Bounce below. Are you interested in trying the shoe out?


  1. I got a pair of the lows and your initial impressions are on point. I love playing in them. I had the CEs but these are just as fun to play in. They fit true to size too.

    1. How is the cushion in these specifically to you? Do you feel the bounce in your step or is it just there doing its job? Thanks.

      1. I do feel the bounce. It sits slightly higher than the dame 4 and if you look under the insole it doesn’t have the stiff fiber board over the bounce like dame 4. Instead it has like a styrofoam cloth so you are right on the bounce. Also the lenght. is much better than the dame 4. It’s true to size for me where i have some room. Dame 4 was way long maybe a whole dumb size. Curious on nightwings take.

        1. I went over sizing real quick in the video. I feel like I could have gone down 1/2 size bc of the materials, but TTS will be good for most. I just like my toes to hit the edge of the shoe for some reason. Feels more secure to me.

        2. Edit *dumb was supposed to be thumb and styrofoam was supposed to be foam* kids were screaming while I was typing the original post. Lol

  2. Hmm…these will probably be my go-tos if they perform well. Tho, I’d like a pair of the havocs.

    Wonder what happened to the rare metal 2s…

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