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adidas NEXT LEVEL | Detailed Look and Review

The adidas NEXT LEVEL is in our hands for a detailed look and review.

One of the strangest shoes I’ve personally ever had in-hand, the adidas NEXT LEVEL (N3XT L3V3L) boasts a bold laceless design. Not only are there no laces but there are no straps, buckles, Pump systems, Boa Lacing, FastFit lacing etc. It’s just you, the shoe and some PrimeKnit. Insane!

For those of you that may have wanted a quick look and review on what the shoe has to offer prior to taking them on-court, then we’ve got you covered. If you want a performance review, we’ll take care of it as soon as my ankle is healed. However, Brian (Duke4005) is currently testing them out so he will likely get them done before I have the chance.

Share your thoughts on the adidas NEXT LEVEL below and stay tuned for our performance reviews soon.

  1. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I’m glad Adidas is bold enough to make the engineering decision to do this. I do agree that the design is pretty radical, but if it works, I can see more and more of this design. I have a feeling they were motivated to do this when Nike released their flyknit 360 that molds 1-to-1 with your foot, and Adidas probably wanted to showcase that their primeknit tech can compete and maybe exceed in terms of durability, comfort, and design. I really hope it works, because to be honest, I am liking this design.

  2. Man these look dope and I wish I hadn’t talked myself out of buying them when they dropped – but that price tho? If they perform anywhere near as close to the aesthetics, I’m all in.

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