The adidas Harden Vol 2 ‘Traffic Jam’ Releases in March

First spotted way back in January, the Harden Vol 2 ‘Traffic Jam’ will begin March for adidas Basketball.

Dubbed ‘Traffic Jam’, this simple Black/Grey/Iron colorway will give something many have been wanting: black Boost for the hardwood. Metallic three stripes branding at the forefoot offers the only pop here and rope laces tie the shoe together.

The adidas Harden Vol 2 ‘Traffic Jam’ will drop on March 1. Retail is $140 and, of course, you can pick up your pair at on release date.

Do you have the Harden Vol 2 in-hand yet? If you do, how are you enjoying it? Let us know.

adidas harden vol 2 black white 2

adidas harden vol 2 black white 3

adidas harden vol 2 black white 6

adidas harden vol 2 black white 8

adidas harden vol 2 black white 7

adidas harden vol 2 black white 4

adidas harden vol 2 black white 5

adidas harden vol 2 black white 1


Images via US11


  1. Dude, I already had to send my Harden Vol. 2s back to Adidas. They looked awesome, but had the worst traction of any performance model I bought over the past few years. I was sliding around on squeaky clean floors.

    1. I just don’t get why companies keep moving away from proven traction. There’s 0 reason to do it. No one cares about a story under your feet.

    2. They said that they analyzed his play to make this pattern but didn’t they do that last year? Obviously his game could have changed some but I don’t think he evolved that much….

      1. I just wish they’d use the good ol’ reliable herringbone in some way, shape, or form. Even blade traction patterns have been proven to work when done right. The whole circle thing and spirals, and other nonsense that not only doesn’t work but burns out fast is just silly.

  2. I have to disagree here, i got them 4 days ago and i have been loving everything about them, its my new go to shoe! traction, cushion, comfort all that was missing from first model they implemented in this one. I guess everyone have different opinions and i can’t argue with that, but for me, i don’t see traction being bad. its been working well for me…

  3. Are u sure about this releas date because I ordered them on Monday and they arrived today. I live in Canada and ordered from footlocker

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