The adidas Harden Vol. 1 ‘Imma Be A Star’ Has Restocked

Well, everyone that told me sizes of this shoe would become available again was right! And I’m happy because I missed out everywhere on this release.

When Stan and I peeped this sneaker for the first time at the Foot Locker Week of Greatness event we both couldn’t believe how much the gold threads in the Primeknit¬†shines.

A handful of sizes have become available again at Foot Locker so if you missed out like I did and have been waiting, the link you need is below.

Did you already pick these up? If so, what do you think about them? Let us know below.

Foot Locker

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 0

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 3

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 4

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 5

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 6

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 1



Images via adidas


  1. Wow, this colorway looks pretty good. Love it not having the different color on the tip of the soe.

  2. Dang, would’ve tried to exchange for another half size down (so, full size down from my usual) instead of wearing mine quite a bit already. I didn’t think I’d have a chance at these again.

  3. I copped these last time and they are amazing. My favorite basketball shoe I have ever had without even putting the amazing colors away into the equation. I’ve had the Crazy Explosive, DRose 6, and DRose 7, but these are way better. They are the most comfortable shoe that I have ever put my foot into. Highly recommend

    1. Last season the dame 2’s were a favorite of mine, i have both, and i personally prefer the harden 1’s…but the dame 2’s are still beastly performers…both play very similar, so i think it would come down to aesthetics and price

      1. thanks. I would probably get both. aesthetics between the two are just unique and the price are not that far from the other.

  4. Late to the party unfortunately. Added them to cart yesterday but when I went to check out it said it was unavailable.

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