The adidas Harden Vol. 1 ‘Imma Be A Star’ is Available Now

We’ve been waiting and it’s finally landed for Foot Locker’s Week of Greatness — the adidas Harden Vol. 1 is here! Better yet, it’s debuting in a black/gold colorway with a Primeknit upper. Photos do not do this shoe justice; the upper has tons of gold in it that shines. Moreover, the suede on the forefoot is not the crap other brands are known to use — in-hand, the suede is buttery soft, thick, and premium.

The Harden Vol. 1 features full-length Boost cushioning, a premium toe shroud that utilizes an unstitched design, beastly traction, and slightly asymmetrical lacing. To read Nightwing2303’s full performance review on the Harden Vol. 1, click here (it received the Starting Five mark in every category).

To pick up your pair of the adidas Harden Vol. 1 ‘Imma Be A Star’ for $160 click here (Foot Locker, but it just isn’t working for me, won’t add to cart) and here (adidas).

(The Harden Vol. 1 is widefooter friendly!)

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 0

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 3

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 4

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 5

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 6

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 2

adidas harden vol. 1 imma be a star 1

Images via adidas


  1. Are you sure they are primeknit. The description on does not say it is primeknit. I ordered a pair anyway.

      1. Thanks for the reply. You are definitely correct. “Primeknit” is buried at the bottom of the page on “ADAPTIVE PRIMEKNIT UPPER IS WRAPPED WITH AN ASYMMETRICAL LACING SYSTEM FOR ULTIMATE SUPPORT AND SYTLE.”

        People are sleeping on these. I am looking forward to these more than the Yeezys.

        1. Haha bruh the Yeezys aren’t even on my radar. My brother had an authentic pair of the moonrock (he copped at barneys new york) and they were CRAP. The Boost was hard and the PK was mad rough. Not for me. Harden’s way better, but FTL WONT ADD TO CART DAMMIT

          1. The Yeezys are haunting you–FTL’s website is f*@ked up because of the Yeezy release. haha. I have the turtle dove Yeezys and I agree that the primeknit and boost is subpar compared to UltraBoost, NMD, DRose, etc. The Hardens were any easy cop at, but I assume you have a $20 voucher for FTL. haha. Good luck!

  2. another one of those fake sold outs. I hate when brands do that… watch the shoes being available soon again… even being discounted after a few months..

      1. I dunno. but considering the style of this shoe and the reception that Adidas is getting nowadays, I wouldn’t be surprised. also, this isn’t your typical Harden Volume 1 shoe, which I’m sure those are available. these are pretty and pretty much Yeezy status imo.

  3. Does anyone know if they will be released again? I tried to order them at 9:10 central and they said they were sold out.

  4. I was able to walk into footlocker and just get a size 10. They did say it was the last pair.

    I was about to hoop in them. Should I not?? Is resale high?

  5. The more I see these the doper they look. I may have to cop a pair. Especially in this colorway. Straight fire!

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