adidas Harden Vol. 1 | Detailed Look and Review

adidas officially unveiled the upcoming Harden Vol. 1 in Houston, Texas, and WearTesters was fortunate enough to have been invited out to cover the event.

Not only was the shoe unveiled, but those in attendance were given a pair of the shoe even though they aren’t scheduled to release until December 3. This means that you guys get a detailed look and review of the kicks well before the launch date, and you’ll likely get the performance review prior to the launch date as well.

Enjoy the video below along with a brief recap of the event, and let us know what you think about the adidas Harden Vol. 1 below.


  1. Beautiful. Even if this didn’t have boost cushioning I would buy for street wear obviously not for $140. You should see all the basketball shoes adidas China has that will probably not hit the NA market. They have Lillard hybrids that looks great both on and off court.

    1. Yeah that is really interesting how companies do that, I understand they design shoes and market them for specific demographics but why not try a small release in the states for some of those eastern Asian designs and see how they sell?!

  2. As far as this shoe goes ….I like them but will not cop them over the crazy explosive or bb rare metals. Adidas did these perfect though, they really show hardens taste in the design while being appealing to the masses. The only thing they are missing imo is a beard symbol or logo.

  3. When are you going to show up to these events in a full-on Nightwing outfit? Like, c’mon.

    Shoe grew on me fast since yesterday. First saw just the BRed colorway, thought water, then saw the promo pic and found it to look way better when on foot, and then the Gila Monster colorway looked better, and then the explanation of how the toe cap can be promising just took the appeal another step up. I mean he’s not the prettiest guy around but it’s cool how Harden goes all in with the goofy faces and poses to promote his signature brand. This is panning out to be a very cool project overall, and it’s going with Harden embracing a point guard role. Assuming the shoe and his performance meet expectations, dude’s image/brand is skyrocketing fast.

  4. These look like decent performers. I think the pricing is a little off though. They should have made the regular version $130 and Primeknit $150.

    The Currys were the number one selling Basketball shoes the past year or two and they were priced at $130. Can’t remember what the Curry Ones were at? $125? Adidas should have started off at $130.

    UA is still the best price wise. They’ve done an amazing job with their prices IMO. Having great shoes and offering them at really good prices.

    1. It would have been $130 if it didn’t have the Harden logo 😛 but those logos make you perform better lol so well worth it.

  5. Looks rly dope and a good performer, waiting for performance review. What is the music in the video?

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