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adidas Football Unveils the Yeezy 750 Cleat in Black

adidas Football just unveiled the upcoming Yeezy 750 cleat done up in all-black.

The Yeezy performance line, if you can call it that, from adidas Football is one of the most confusing product lines I’ve ever seen. We’ve seen brands take performance models and turn them into lifestyle sneakers with material changes and design tweaks here and there. But we rarely see lifestyle sneakers turned into performance models — let alone cleats for football players.

I know there are customizers that add cleat tooling to basketball shoes and Retro kicks, but this isn’t the same thing. The Yeezy 750 is a lifestyle shoe. Nothing about them was designed for performance; nothing about them was designed to hold a 200+ pound football player wearing 60 pounds of gear on the field while running at full speed. Like I said, the entire Yeezy “performance” line is just confusing.

However, there is an all-black version of the Yeezy 750 cleat releasing — just in case you wanted to stunt while playing flag football with your friends.

When will they release? adidas hasn’t announced that part just yet. Stay tuned for more information if you’re interested.


Via @adidasfballus


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