adidas Dame 5 | Detailed Look and Review

A detailed look and review of the upcoming adidas Dame 5.

The adidas Dame 5 is scheduled to release at beginning Friday, February 1 at 12:00am PST for $115.

Early impressions left me underwhelmed from an aesthetic point of view but I’ve been anticipating these to be another solid performance shoe. However, once getting them in hand and trying them on, they’ve ended up being a shoe that I can see being a very early front runner for best basketball shoe of 2019. Of course, anything can change, it is only January after all, but I can’t help how I feel.

At $115, the Dame 5 continues the trend of offering consumers an affordable basketball shoe without any real drawbacks. Hopefully they play as well as they feel. Only time will tell.

Share your thoughts on the adidas Dame 5 below and stay tuned for the performance review in the coming weeks.

For anyone interested in the colorway I reviewed, I bought them from eBay seller ID4shoes.


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