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My adidas Dame 4 performance review is here so you know what time it is…#YKWTII ///

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Traction – The traction pattern utilized on the Dame 4 is, according to adidas, inspired by the passage of time. No idea how that translates, but the darn thing worked, and worked very well.

Its aggressive multi-direction pattern provides amazing coverage and the traction ridges were well thought out because they only allowed minimal dust to get caught in them. The rubber is soft, so while the shoe works great indoors, outdoor hoopers might want to reconsider. However, this traction was as spot on as any other shoe I’ve played in this year.

Cushion – Bounce! Bounce cushioning is here to stay in the Dame signature line, with the aim of keeping the sneaker’s costs low. Not because adidas decided to go this route but because Damian Lillard himself wants his signature shoe to be affordable.

And Bounce cushioning works as it’s supposed to. It isn’t quite as plush as I had hoped for, but it gets the job done. The shoe sits very low to the ground so there is less bounce along the forefoot (those who need the extra “umph” — you probably won’t get it here), while the cushion along the heel is adequate.

Overall, the cushion set up is a little more firm than I would like coming from a big man standpoint. The shoe is definitely made for those quick on their feet so expect a low ride for immediate responsiveness.

Materials – The materials vary depending on the colorway but the Dame 4 I tested uses an open textile mesh which allows for lots of airflow. Is it bad? Not at all. The top of the shoe is almost fixed to the ankle in a spandex-like compression collar that allows for easy entry of the foot.

The rest of the shoe is comprised of the Bounce midsole that wraps your foot to provide amazing stability for those slashers to the basket. The midsole does take some time to break-in, but with a little game time and heat retention, the midsole molds your foot well.

For a “budget model” to provide materials of this caliber is amazing.

Fit – TTS, but that’s coming from a slightly wide-footed giant like myself. For those that prefer a very close snug fit, consider half size down (but do go try these on in-store).

From right out the box and on to the court, the shoe was “ready to play.” Once you break-in the midsole, the shoe wraps around your foot seamlessly and acts like an extension of your body.

The lacing system is almost unnecessary, but the lace loop spacing is strategic and placed perfectly. Once you’re laced in tight, you’re ready to roll (as long as you get your sizing right).

Support – Maybe odd to say this, but the shoe, while it looks like a mid, is practically a low top shoe. That isn’t a bad thing, considering the construction of the shoe, but the shoe is just flat out stable.

The extended lateral molding along the midsole provides an outrigger that promotes natural movement. The firm yet adequate Bounce cushion is provided for impact protection all while implementing an internal heel counter and midfoot torsional shank plate. Damn, this shoe is amazeballs.

Overall –  The Dame 4 is Lillard’s latest signature shoe and things just keep getting better. This is absolutely one of the best bang for your buck shoes on the market. Decent cushion, good fit, good materials — the shoe is good for everything on the court and gives you a great overall package.

For guards that slash, perform step-back pull-ups, and play defense, the shoe works in every which way. For big men who don’t mind the low to the ground feel and an adequate cushioning setup, this shoe works well too. For an old man with previous knee injuries and back problems, I can safely say, I had no issues with this shoe and actually enjoyed playing in it.

The Dame line has come along way and it’s definitely the best signature shoe you can get for those working on a budget. I’m looking forward to the Dame 5 because but until then, you know what time it is.


  1. Great review! I ended up grabbing the black colorway for $71 shipped from finishline. Couldn’t pass on that price. Played in them once on a dirty rec center court and I was pretty impressed. Thinking about getting an insole for a little more step in cushion.

    1. You can take a look at all the different performance reviews of the Dame 4 on and judge for yourself. The staffers doing performance reviews really ball so when something has good traction, they say so. When it doesn’t, they say so. Floor conditions also matter. Have you grabbed a pair for yourself and tried it out?

      1. Havent yet cause i am research. And yes we ball. We play against other D1 and D2 players in our league. I go to several sites for reviews since that way i get a full perpective from as many people as possible before i make a decision.

    2. I have 3 pairs – static, rip city, and glows – and they are all nice with traction. It isn’t “slam on the brakes” stopping, more of a smooth stop and change of speed and direction. For me, at least.

        1. Yep, Duke is exactly on point. You don’t need to hear the “SCREEEEEECH” sound for it to make an impact. It’s smooth stop and change of direction – regardless of the type of position you play, it works very well.

          1. I am coming from the drose 7 flyknit and didnt like the drose 8. So looking for other options with great traction. This my concern with the dame 4.

  2. Thanks for the big man perspective. I have an itch to buy these, having watched Donovan Mitchell fly around the court in his gold colorways from MiAdidas and love what I see. Good to know a big man can get some good out of them as well.

    1. Brian, you’re welcome. We at WearTesters like to give different perspectives. It helps with our broad audience. We’re glad this review was able to help you out. Make sure you come back now!!!!
      Appreciate the support and have a happy new years!

  3. May I ask how wide is your foot? Mine is 25.5 cm in length and 11.1 cm in width which would put me between 3E and 4E width. It’s somewhat hard for me to find great shoes to play in. Even when a shoe is comfortable when trying in store, many times when playing they hurt. That’s why I’m always looking for reviewers with wide foot too but many times they don’t say how wide exactly their foot is so I can roughly compare with my situation.

  4. I’ve had these pretty much since they were released and am very happy with the fit (a bit tough to get on), support, and traction. However, the cushion really is lacking for me. They are super low to the ground and when I play in them my feet start to hurt and even get a bit numb. At first I thought it was b/c I needed to break them in, but I’ve had them 3 months now and play in them at least 2x a week.

    1. Unfortunately, not all shoes are made for everyone. The Dame 4 , while a great shoe, is more low to the ground, with bounce cushion set up. A person like yourself might require a more haptic feedback and need Boost – ala Crazy Explosive 2017.

  5. These are surprisingly well-fit for a wide foot guy like me. I went a half size up so my big toe can breathe lol. The shoe is definitely low to the ground and a bit on the firm side in terms of cushioning, but very stable and responsive. Considering that I got this for less than $100 after 20% off at one of those big chain footwear stores you can’t beat it. Only “bad” thing about it is that it doesn’t seem to be very ventilated as mine feel like burning oven mitts every time I finish playing in them.

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