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adidas D Rose 773 IV

adidas plans on continuing the D Rose 773 line with the upcoming D Rose 773 IV.

These actually look pretty cool, and they are reminiscent of the rumored D Rose 6 Boost that was seen floating around the web – with the ankle strap design. The 773 IV have a really clean looking design to them, segmented outsole with what looks to be full length herringbone and what they are calling a Bounse midsole for cushion. Bounse is actually used by Li-Ning so not sure if this is new tech from adidas or an accident that there are two foam cushion systems called the same thing from two separate companies.

The D Rose 773 IV is going to retail for $110 – great price – and will be available starting in August.

adidas D Rose 773 IV 2

  1. I remember adidas having “bounce” tech in their mid 00’s KG line (and various other adidas products at the time), but it was tubular. As far as “Bounse” is concerned, may be a patent/trademark name issue between adidas and Li-Ning if this continues. Will be interesting to see going forward.

    1. yeah, Bounce was Adidas’ supposedly version to Nike’s Shox.
      Unless “Bounse” is foam based cushion, wonder how that will turn out in terms of infringement. They can change name since there quite awhile before the shoes releases.

        1. Thanks for the clarification, Nightwing.
          Wonder how will things turn out since you stated earlier that Li-Ning’s cushion is named that.

        2. I wanted to know what else you heard about the bounce tech and what it might compare to. I’m just curious as to what direction Adidas is going. Thanks

  2. I’m curious to see what this Adidas bounce cushioning is like. I would rather get a pair of Lillard 1’s than these. But I can’t wait for the Rose 6! Those leaked images on the Rose 6, with bigger boost in both heel and forefoot. The heel boost in the Rose 5’s are good but, the forefoot does lack. I got the “Brenda” in the other day. While it’s not flyknit, the woven upper is definitely better than the OG “Blueline” colorway (in terms of stiffness).

  3. I kind of love these. It’s like Adidas Originals got their hands on the D-Rose line. Good look.

  4. Bounce is boost’s upcoming form in a lot of basketball models. It’s different from Boost in some ways, I had it explained as Zoom Air v Nike Air v Max Air same idea, different in it’s own way. As for the shoe it reminds me heavily of a Jordan Nike ers shoe. I’ve heard it said that this is a similar strap to the crazy 8 system, which is kind of very much to dynamic fly wire ECT. I had a moment earlier the Crazy 8 n Rose 5 on each foot when I had recently just gotten the Rose and didn’t know it was a tank of a shoe. Kind of a similar cage around the foot feel, perhaps a way to go back to “the feet you wear” use the old school style as a type of puremotion with a boost system even, which is one of two things people want from Adidas 1 Boost and Primeknit 2 boost and pure motion j(3 we’ve also heard chatter of bounce being more similiar to a unlock boost) Adidas gives primeknit and targeted boost early on the CL 5 I highly expect dame to come with a full length boost n primeknit, this is just an assumption. Rose will have another durable fully cushioned tech heavy shoe with the 773 n rose 6. I’d expect wall to have the closest thing to pure motion, although we’ve. Seen links of his 2nd signature shoe and adiprene once again. Not to say that doesn’t change or the rose would not continue to have full tech options. Adidas will bring a lot basketball wise specifically boost signature and team models of high quality I fully expect a unlock boost to counter what Jordan brand is doing, a prime knit to match brand black j crossover 2, and pure motion and s bettdf fit system, which wet seeing looked at here with the strap system, the crazy 8 style for great fit n lockdown, which we saw the dame and rose line suffer to give spot on fit. I expect that to be fixed as well as big steps w boost, the team models and signature models all are rumored to receive more funding, tech, ECT. Very interesting chatter from Adidas, as they’ve re evaluated their strategy post NBA provider contracting coming go to a uneventful end.

  5. as I remember Adidas got the “BOUNCE ” and Li-Ning’s got the “BOUNSE”, would there be any issue in terms of the patent? Well i suppose, somehow they are kind of related in any ways and in purpose..

  6. My 773 4’s just landed in Seattle.

    My initial thoughts (try on, light basketball movements in house on hardwood) Color; white with black toe, clear bottom. First off BOUNCE is not BOOST. Trust me I know, having played 130 games since Sept. in D ROSE 5 BOOST, age 39, 2500 pts approximate. Step in comfort is there, shoe sizing is similar to ROSE-5. Toe box is a bit more snug. Support is less than R-5. Shoe appears to have an x bar shank plate for support. Traction should be an A. I put my blk and white non game shoe R-5 on one foot and 773 on the other. BOUNCE is less responsive and feels like a technology adidas could’ve implemented in the T-Mac series years ago. Straps are for flavor. Laces are long enough unlike Blk Whte R-5 (hint, hint). Will play in them Sunday. May report back. Transition is good. A strap across the middle would be an added bonus. Great looking shoe. I would price this shoe at $85 to get people to try them out. adiMackj

  7. Let me add the build quality is good. Let’s Put BOUNCE foam with a stronger upper, fill in the traction a bit. Herringbone. In a Prime-Knit or Sprint Web, version: add carbon fiber heel counter, carbon fiber x bar (if not in the shoe already), add midfoot strap, wider outter edge. Real upper straps, GEO-FIT. $100

  8. By just looking on the Bounce foam it was soft but Boost is softer. Well, looking forward for this Kicks in the Philippines.

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