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Changes. Everything changes, adapts, or becomes outdated and extinct. Derrick Rose saw change this offseason in a major way. A Chicago hero since day one (besides that one year in Memphis), he now will try to destroy all comers in the Big Apple.

However, one thing hasn’t changed: he all has three stripes on his feet. And that my friends is a very, very good thing. Ever since the Rose 5 brought Boost to adidas Basketball in a major way the line has been drawn for the other brands: try to beat Boost. Well, maybe next year…

Rose 7 - Traction Rose 7 - Cushion Rose 7 - Materials Rose 7 -Fit Rose 7 - Support Rose 7 - Overall Rose 7 - Scorecard


    1. no point really. considering the CE’s outsole is already super-sticky. you won’t gain anything.

      1. I’m with you. Though I just said that considering the scorecards. I would be super hyped seeing 3 hall of fame scores for a shoe. 🙂

  1. I like that these can be played outdoors. The design is tight. I might get a pair for outdoor and the explosive for indoor. I can’t wait to see what the Knicks colorways look like. Good performance review by Duke.

  2. Really like mine. Wish I’d gotten them before I hurt my leg in the Kobe mentality 2. Great review. It’s a great shoe.

  3. Played my first game in the black color way last night. Traction is a monster, stopped on a dime. Prob best I’ve ever had. Boost is still the boost. I actually like the more firm forefoot compared to the plush one last year because I felt the court more. And I still felt the cushion. Containment was great too. Love the performance of it so far, I might have to get a PK version of it later just to compare. But the mesh is fine, it breathes wellZ

  4. Great review Duke. Man, I’m excited to try these out. Really like this design better than the 6s and excited about the firmed up forefoot boost while maintaining the plush heel. Adidas is killing it these days…

    1. Either, really. My tops right now are kd9, rose 7, explosive, and hd16, in no order. All are killer.

  5. I think Rose is gonna like the firmer forefoot more. It justs seems like it would fit his style of play better. He’ll like the outrigger on this, too. But for me personally, I like the boost on the Rose 6. I think I’ll pick up the Explosive over this.

  6. Why have you stopped with the info bout how much the reviewed shoes weigh nowadays. Finds it great piece of info.

    1. I don’t really care how much a shoe weighs – if the fit, cushion, and transition is on point the weight doesn’t really come into play for me. But, if you do want it, my size 10.5 was around 16.5 ounces.

  7. I really liked the 5’s, loved the 6’s (both still on my sunday’s rotation along the KD9) but these look beyond those two, I will need to get them on Amazon because adidas in Mexico goes much more expensive than nike (Rose 6 were at the same retail price in stores than KD8 elite, AJ XXX and LeBron XIII Elite, the Lillards 2.0 just like the Kobe XI elite). Great review!

    1. Be careful with Amazon bro. They have lots of fakes. Try to make sure it’s a reputable retailer first.

  8. Great review man. Now I’m torn between a few models but I’ll go and try them on in store before deciding.

    1. Around 16 ounces in a US10.5. Not too heavy, especially when the fit and cushion make the shoe transition smoothly.

      1. Okay. Thank you for another information. I really love reading and watching your reviews specially Nightwing2303. You guys are very honest not like others. Thumbs up?

  9. Thanks For the Review Duke!!

    I guess D Rose still has the more Expensive shoe,

    D Rose 7 Primeknit is at $160,

    Crazy Explosive Primeknit is at $150,

    Based on the reviews, my money is going to the Crazy Explosive Primeknit, having that Ultra Boost feel in a Bball shoe is just like AWESOME to the MAX!! Just waiting for the right colorway…..triple black colorway(rumor)

    BUT I may try the D Rose 7 if an awesome colorway comes along….

  10. Duke –

    Great review as always. If you had to choose one – Rose 7 or Crazy Explosive, which would it be? Everyone seems to love the performance of the explosives and they’re already on your “tops as of right now”.

    1. I’ve only put one day in my CE but love them. However, I think I like the ankle collar of the Rose 7 better. I’ll know more after tomorrow – run #2 for the CE.

  11. Hard when im limited to one bball shoe per quarter haha. I have to decide on what to get. ce vs rose7

  12. Thanks for the review. I’m looking forward to picking up either these or the hyper revs. Anyway, keep up the good work.

  13. Do you know if a white/royal blue colorway will be releasing? Or just when they will be available to customize on miadidas?

  14. Hi im a center who likes to jump around alot (rebounds, blocking, etc.) but I also like being low to the ground on defense. Should I get d rose 7 or CE. Also i do play outdoors about 35% of the time.

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