adidas D Rose 4 On-Court Performance Test with KickGenius

The adidas D Rose 4 Performance Review is still underway but if you need to get some information now then you should check out the on-court performance test with Kick Genius.

Sporting SprintWeb, SprintFrame and a modified PureMotion outsole… does the new adidas D Rose 4 have what you’ve been looking for in your next performance shoe?


  1. Man you are definitely right about the tongue and the lace, look good but not enough padding and feel cheap. How’s the cushion? Only tried them on in the store so can’t really jump and run at full strength and speed, but initial thoughts they are definitely firmer than all the popular nike models, also really low to the ground. Not sure if they are gonna break in well and eventually mode to your foot, really hope they do.

    I probably still buy them simply because wanting a change from nike, but for the price honestly you can definitely get better shoes.

    1. I’ve got to point out your meant to be wearing a Rose sock, or Elite sock, in which case I’ve never felt any issues, only in Ankle socks have I had the issues with the tongue, but I do realize they exist. The 3.0 padding I was a big fan of, but the geo fit ankle hugs my ankle amazingly. I can only encourage you, put on any pair of D-Rose Crew sock, or Elite and the issue goes away. For someone who laces tight- and also does shoot around with a lose feeling- it’s something that can easily be worked with. I can say for sure, the shoe’s foam is very similar to the previous foam in the 3-3.5, but it’s still a upgrade, from ankle support, to knee padding, to the wider Sprint Frame, I love the shoe, maybe it has to do with being a similar size to Derrick. 13 on foot and similar weight. I got to say I had to take my Lebron Elite off when I tried one on each foot, which I believe is a huge test.

    1. i got to feel the rubber on the sole in person, and these will definetly last you longer in the traction department. its decently thicker than the 3 / 3.5.

  2. It’s just adiPRENE, not +, it’s a Registered-logo (R) behind the adiPRENE, it’s blue(biggest tell, adiPRENE+ is yellow).

  3. I’ve got to say it does has slight more comfort, and what was not mentioned was the increased lockdown. You cannot tell me you put a Rose 3.0-3.5 or a Lebron Soldier on one foot this shoe on the left and found the right shoe to be the superior grip. The PureEmotion I can definatelty fell as a 6’4, guard with a 6’6 wingspan, specializing in defense (meaning in our men’s league I always guard the best player be he 1-5) I was using the Rose 772-3 or the Hyper Dunk, however more often the 773-2, the sprintframe giving more was a great help for defensive specialist. I am a def specialist that averages 27.7, 8.1 Assist, 6.7 Boards, 3 steals, 1.8 blocks (I really just want to put to 2 but I’m being legit.) I’ve guarded more bigs, bigger than 6’4 so far in our men’s league, looking forward to holding more Point Guards as I demand to pick up 3/4 quarter press. The shoe is great, I’ve played in the Brenda and the Away consistently, along with a ton of practice 5v5 games, 3v3, ect. I’m a little surprised people haven’t pointed out the split in the 2011 HyperFuse, or the tougher traction than the Crazyquicks or 773-2’s. I am finding this shoe to fit all my needs, granted I am a solid 6’4, long, 212 atm, though I am the guy who brings the ball up the court or takes the ball from our Point Guard and set the offense after any pressure is broken. I break down defenses, and take over. I study Rose, Damien Lillard, to Lebron, Durant, Dirk, Duncan, Z bo offensively and try to add new moves consistently (historically I’ve studied, C-Web, Malone, Pippen, Magic, Penny, T-Mac) Point being I feel you need to break the shoe in and play more in it, I feel it blows the new Lebron’s and the previous Lebron’s away- I do not feel it’s just a 3.75 with some CrazyQuick add ons, while I respect your opinions and agree with them often I feel you are giving the shoe a under dog status. I feel the more you play in them, the more you appreciate all of the modifications.

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