adidas D Rose 1.5 Now Available in China

This is not a drill: the adidas D Rose 1.5 has officially returned… in China.

First reported back in January, we spotted leaked images of an adidas D Rose 1.5 Retro in a different colorway, giving us hope that the Retro release of the sneaker may be sooner than anticipated. Well, it’s official as the adidas D Rose 1.5 has released overseas via adidas China and it has gotten us all kinds of jealous.

According to adidas China’s website, the D Rose 1.5 is a massive general release with a price tag of ¥1299 (approximately $192). There are still no updates regarding a stateside release, but given his resurgence this season, a Retro release in the U.S. wouldn’t be a bad idea for Stateside fans.

While we await official word on whether or not the D Rose 1.5 will make its way to U.S. retailers, enjoy the official images of the recently released Retro and share your thoughts below in the comment section.

Would you buy a D Rose 1.5 Retro or would you rather see something else release?

Images via adidas China


  1. $192 in China!!! There better be some bounce or something extra with that, LOL. I hope they are coming out here soon one of my favorite shoes pre- boost.

  2. So if they aren’t a “protro” version or any of that jazz, then they need to drop right in that $120-$130 range (inflation I suppose). The black-toes are an immediate cop for me, but not for more than that. I agree with $HAQ12 on that point. Anymore than $130, they better come with bounce cushioning in there.

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