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adidas D Lillard 2 BHM

adidas’s upcoming BHM Collection for 2016 has a great color scheme, and theme, attached.

White/ Gold shoes just look awesome. While I don’t mess with the D Lillard 2 BHM with the Jacquard upper that the Home and Away featured, these still look awesome.

Their entire BHM Collection looks to pay homage to Jesse Owens. Jesse was an Olympic track and field athlete that practically owned the spring and long jump category. It’s been said that he is “perhaps the greatest and most famous athlete in track and field history”. Each of the BHM sneakers within the adidas collection seem to feature the numbers 733 which were worn by Owens during the 1936 Olympic games that took place in Nazi Germany.

You can get a detailed look at the upcoming adidas D Lillard 2 ‘BHM’ below, and they’re already starting to hit retail accounts overseas such as Basket4Ballers.

adidas D Lillard 2 BHM 1 adidas D Lillard 2 BHM 2 adidas D Lillard 2 BHM 3 adidas D Lillard 2 BHM 4 adidas D Lillard 2 BHM 5 adidas D Lillard 2 BHM 6

  1. aw man that big 733 number is quite bugging (I understand that 733 have a meaning/story behind it though), would be better if that changed to be adidas or dame logo. the cream coloured midsole and gold material looks awesome

  2. If they did this last year, they could have made a Rose 773 3 “733”.
    That outsole looks sick.
    Jesse Owens is a legendary beast.

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