The adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 ‘Liberties’ is Available Now

The sneaker that James Harden will rock would’ve rocked during the 2016 Rio Summer Olympics has dropped, as the adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 ‘Liberties’ is available now.

The red, white, and blue sneaker matches the USA jerseys that many NBA superstars will be rocking. The shoe is basically a player exclusive for The Beard, with his signature JH logo on the tongue.

The shoe features full-length Boost cushioning for a plush and bouncy feel no matter where you land. The white, jacquard upper features a wavy pattern and won’t require very much break in time.

For more details on how the greatest low-top basketball shoe ever (according to adidas) plays on-court, check out our performance review article.

You can pick up the adidas Crazylight Boost 2016 ‘Liberties’ for $130 at the retailers below:

Finish Line | Foot Locker | Champs | Eastbay | Footaction

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  1. Just bought the black pair off Eastbay (back ordered until 8/12). Came out to $102 with free shipping with the 15% promo code. Pretty sweet but hopefully going TTS won’t be an issue with all the varying opinions on fit.

    1. Yeah, I plan to order soon as well. I’m not sure why the Black pair doesn’t have the discount exclusion but I’m not complaining. I tried in-store and the fit is tricky. My normal (Nike, UA, Jordan, Brand Black) fit of 10.5 feels a little long but I’m not sure if going down to 10 felt truly better. The difference in immediate feel was in the heel. The 10.5 allowed me to feel that potential heel slip while the 10 eliminated that for the most part but left me wanting more room in the front.

      1. Thanks man. I just ordered the half size down to size 10 to eliminate the heel slip and hopefully they’ll just stretch a little in the front. I did the same with the Lillard 2 and was pleased with the fit especially after a few wears so overall I’d say that going down .5 size will probably work out for me.

        1. If the forefoot is a little snug, this trick helped me: take the laces out of the last two loops. It allows the forefoot to expand a little more. Just a teensy tiny more, so it helps if its just a little snug. It worked for me.

  2. I want these pretty bad but hate that they’re associated with Harden. If there was a flag, or an adidas logo, or even nothing on the tongue I would have copped for sure

  3. Went half size down and they fit perfect. The sides are snug but they don’t pinch at all. It’s a comfy kind of snug. My only issue so far is that the left pair’s laces keep coming undone but they did stay put during my last game. No doubt my favorite shoe right now and probably the best overall hoop shoe I’ve had since the Kobe V’s

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