adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 ‘Kentucky’

The colorways keep coming, and you won’t hear us complain. This version of the adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 sports Kentucky Blue throughout, and it has me asking: does it come in black?

These are one of my favorite kicks this year. On and off court, the CrazyLight Boost 2016 a solid pair of kicks. Comfortable, great materials, awesome traction, and affordable. This particular pair is currently becoming available overseas and we’re hoping there is a U.S. release date in sight.

If you like what you see yo can grab the adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 ‘Kentucky’ now at overseas retailers like¬†Double Clutch.

adidas-crazylight-boost-2016-kentucky-1 adidas-crazylight-boost-2016-kentucky-2 adidas-crazylight-boost-2016-kentucky-3 adidas-crazylight-boost-2016-kentucky-4 adidas-crazylight-boost-2016-kentucky-5 adidas-crazylight-boost-2016-kentucky-6

Source: DC


  1. I actually love this CW (although the same can be said about most of the CLB this year) these would be nice for home games where i live

  2. I saw this colorway in hand when I was in China. Definitely very clean. Those blue hits are in the perfect shades. However, I just copped the all white few months ago and they still holding up perfectly fine. Overall, a very beautiful shoes

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