The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed

The good folks over at are back with another deconstruction, and this time around is the recently released adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 1

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 2

Under the Jacquard woven upper features a layer of Nylon (black lining) along with a very thin section of TPU for additional structure. The TPU is so thin that you don’t even realize it’s there when you have the shoe in hand, but adds enough additional structural support to make a difference.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 3

Under the eyestay you have synthetic leather. Much like the toe’s TPU layer, the synthetic leather layer aids in structural support, but this is done in a way that allows the upper to wrap around the foot naturally without feeling as if you’re lacing up a piece of plastic.

You can also see the Nylon lacing system as well. These worked really well on-court and are attached the the footbed of the shoe.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 4

The TPU lockdown wing draws the heel into the heel counter for 100% containment. This piece is also a bit stronger than the Nylon strands which will help contain the heel upon harsh lateral movements.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 5

This is the best part — to me — where the tooling gets deconstructed. You can see the layers in the shoe which start with the insole.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 6

The strobel board is the footbed that is normally discussed within performance reviews. This is the piece that the Nylon lacing strands are attached to during manufacturing.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 7

Full length BOOST midsole.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 8

This is the TPU roll cage along the lateral outrigger section of the tooling. It’s soft and pliable, yet supportive.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 9

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 10

The Torsional support plate. Looks eerily similar to the Carbon Fiber spring plate found in the Air Jordan 11.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 11

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 12

And as I was thinking how similar the Spring Plates look, proved it with this side by side shot of the two.

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 Deconstructed 13

Continental rubber is not found on every colorway of the CrazyLight Boost 2016, but if you see the Continental logo featured on the outsole then it’s Continental rubber.

Has anyone played in the adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 yet? If so, let us know what you think about them below in the comment section. Stay tuned for more deconstructed articles as it’s the best way to show you what you’re paying for.


  1. The more I see them, the more I want them. I can’t wait for more colors to come out and for miAdidas.

  2. Played in them twice.. Think the fit is a bit tricky but getting better. The cushion is amazing no pain in the knees and joints after the game. Feel a little drag while running. Traction is amazing as well. Got the all white ones.

    1. Hey do you play outdoors? and if yes do you think the outsole is durable for outdoor use? cause here in the Philippines we usually don’t have an access on an indoor court. Thanks bruh

      1. I would say the Continental version is fine for outdoors; the non-Continental is noticeably softer. The outsole will probably last longer than a regular, Hyperdunk-level rubber compound but less than XDR blade traction, which is the best outsole for outdoors. I’ve played with it three times outdoors and there isn’t any visible wear so far. The traction isn’t thin, so that helps. It is $170 in the Philippines, though, so its up to you if you want to spend that much for an outdoor shoe.

  3. Just bought the Black/white ones from Champs. I played 2 hrs so far. They are amazing. Transition and grip is outstanding. Better than my Kobe 11. By far.

      1. the white ones don’t have continental rubber. If you see a sign with continental on the sole, it is continental. The white ones don’t have it. Most or all of the other colors do.

  4. BOOST Changes Everything. 120 Games played in D Rose 6 BOOST. Thx adidas can’t wait to try this shoe and am hoping for a mid version with carbon fiber.

  5. Should i get this worth $173 (fuck adidas philippines) or the D Rose 6 primeknit worth $134 (they are on sale, before they were like $190, fuck adidas philippines again), i mean is it worth it to spend extra $40 for the CLB 2016? does it outweight its pros over d rose 6 primeknit for that extra $40? thanks

  6. Either my foot is shrinking or I should’ve bought a half to full size down… I slid around a lot in the shoe, which is most likely due to having too big a shoe. Cushion is great in the heel, but lacking in the forefoot, most likely for more responsiveness. All white color way traction was ok… I want to try the continental rubber to see if it is better. I actually love the asthetics! It is a shoe I will wear off-court, especially the triple white. Yeah biggest problem was the lockdown for sure!

  7. Best basketball shoe I’ve ever played in. I was primarily a Nike guy but these are awesome. Enough support for someone with paper ankles.

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