The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 — one of our Top Performance Picks of 2016 so far — is available now in two colorways.

If you like bright tones then the Solar Red/ Scarlett pair will suit you well. Meanwhile, if you prefer darker tones then the simple Black/ Grey pair should satisfy you. You can check out the performance review of the adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 here in case you missed it.

You can grab both colorways now at

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 1

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 2

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 3

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 4

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 5

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 6

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 7

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 8

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 9

The adidas CrazyLight Boost 2016 is Available Now 10


  1. heard that this version had heel slip, and had weird sizing issues. gonna wait for the primeknit versions you reviewed

    1. I had to go down half a size, seems to run a bit big. No heel slip issues from bouncing around with them in the house, seems secure if you get the right size. They feel a bit narrow in the forefoot at first, but feel fine once you lace em up. I would try them on in store.

  2. it sucks that it costs 170$ here in the Philippines because i really want one.. AdidasPH really fucked up the pricing .

    1. Fucked up indeed. Shoes very rarely differ in retail price in the States and here in the Philippines. Gonna be a pass for me, especially since I’m waiting on the Rose 7 anyway.

  3. $170 here in Manila. fitted the whites ones and I have so much heel slippage. Its confusing for fitment for me and I noticed It was ignored instantly by others the moment it got released cause of the price. Many sizes are still available here and it will sit more at that price range haha. Yeah I am Enjoying my KD9 now at $150.LOL Thank you Adidas for trying to rob Philippine market with your rediculous price range. Sit behind Nike forever.

      1. The Pre-Heat/Zero KD9 released exclusively at the new Titan branch at S.Maison Mall/Conrad Hotel. Not known if they still have sizes. The Premier/USA colorway released at all of their other branches and their webstore. Crazylight Boost 2016 (Jacquard version) released in Adidas stores and Titan with an insane retail price of about $170US. Why the markup? Good question for AdidasPH.

    1. i want that black/gray black CW. I did not like the black/white ones. Would Philippines get that kind of colorway? And yeah whats up with that price here in Manila i was expecting this to be budget friendly..

  4. Yes, I definitely recommend going down half a size. I’m normally a 9.5 in Nikes, Jordans, and UA. But a 9.5 in these had heel slip and are maybe 1/8 – 1/4″ longer.

  5. Adidas is almost always a half size bigger for me. I fall between the 10-10.5 range and always have to get 10.5 in Nike and mostly 10 in Adidas. When I put all of them side by side in my closet, the length difference is definitely there.

    1. Yes, probably amazing but for 120+tax its definitely not worth it. The traction would be burned out within 3-4months if you play day to day. I play a lot of outdoor and planning on buying a pair of jc3 because they’re like 70 bucks at finish line

      1. The JC3 are good but if cushion is at the top of the list then I’m not sure if they’re the best thing. Maybe try a discounted pair of Rose 6 for outdoor. This is just my opinion from personal experience. I’m 180 lbs with knees that have been through it. I like the JC3 but just prefer the Roses for cushion for those rough days.

        1. My main concern is cushion, it seems most really good cushioned shoes are horrible outdoors. I’ve thought about the drose 6 but mistops are really uncomfortable to me so I’d rather not.

  6. Hey Guys, I tried these on today for both my TTS 10 and 9.5. While the 9.5 was great in terms of length, it was super tight in terms of width. Therefore, I’d highly suggest you try them on in store. It might be a shame because I might pass on these due to the sizing not being to how I like it vs. other brands.

    1. Dang. That sucks to hear. Is the TTS based on Nike sizing. I always have a hard time with Adidas because they are always longer than my Nike shoes if I try to wear 10.5 like I do in Nike so I always go down to 10. My Lillards and Boost running shoes are all 10 and feel great but I can’t wear a 10 in Nike.

  7. Hey Trezz,

    Yeah, my TTS is based on shoes from Nike, UnderArmour, and Jordan. I haven’t bought Adidas since the D.Rose 2. I’m definitely going to retry the Blk/White CLB 2016 in both my TTS 10 and 9.5 just to confirm. Hope this helps man.

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