adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit ‘Heather Grey’ | Available Now

The best basketball shoe of 2016 is available now in a brand new ‘Heather Grey’ colorway.

Not only is a new colorway available, but it’s of the Primeknit variety so you’re getting the most premium version of the shoe available.

We’re not sure when these will become available at other adidas Hoops accounts, but they’re currently available at Sneaker Politics. If you needed more information on the shoe’s performance then you can head over to our performance review with the link below.

adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit | Performance Review











  1. Love how they’re strategically hiding the Swaggy P logo lol. I wouldn’t want to promote that either.

  2. Help me guys please !

    The CLB16 size 10.5 US are too small for me and the D Lillard 2 PK size 11 US are too long.
    What size should I take for my Crazy Explosive ? ( excuse my english, google translate did his best :p )

  3. I saw these at Foot Locker and Adidas this weekend and they were sick, but I’m waiting for the black PK pair. Any news when those are dropping?

  4. The Explosive pans out to be a good looker off court in subtle colors.

    The Swaggy P part is just, up in the air. It was a good promotional idea with ties to his ex-fiance even if he kinda sucked last year. If he gets his crap together, still something to work with.

  5. Great shoe! But it sacrifices durability for performance. Should only play indoors. My left shoe already has worn out grooves. But best shoe overall 🙂

  6. Damm these look good casually. I got the red one’s last week on sale for 109$ so these greys and the all blacks are a must. Fuck nike and Jordan’s… Adidas =>

  7. Pictures don’t even do this colorway justice. I thought blackprimeknit would be my favorite but these are BEAUTIFUL. Never thought swaggy p would have the best anything but these are the best kicks of the year for me

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