The adidas Crazy Explosive 17 Primeknit is Set to Debut Overseas

It was only a matter of time until we got another glimpse at the next rendition of the Crazy Explosive.

We have been reporting on the Crazy Explosive 17 Primeknit for months and now the shoe is actually set to debut overseas.

There might be some rumblings in the background and we get it. Release overseas? Debut in Taiwan? The good news is, if it’s debuting in Asia, that means the Stateside debut isn’t that far off. Generally, Asia and Europe tend to get new shoes early.

Tech-wise, the Crazy Explosive 17 flaunts a re-engineered Primeknit sock-like upper that is paired with a five-hole lacing system (rather than the four its predecessor had).

The cushion setup uses the ever so comfortable Boost — we called the original Crazy Explosive the UltraBoost of basketball shoes — with some minor modifications to the midsole tooling; the lateral side of the shoe uses a TPU anti-rollover structure that also encapsulates the Boost on that side.

The outsole uses the same coral reef-like traction pattern its predecessor used, as well as the infinity-shaped shank plate for stabilization.

The shoe is set to debut overseas in Taiwan on June 6 but the price is still TBD (rumors have hinted at the same $160 for Primeknit and $140 for mesh).

What do you think of the Crazy Explosive 17? Did you own the Crazy Explosive 16? If so, how did you like its performance?




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  1. Looks like it is not very supportive on the upper, to be honest.
    How some people could call this shoe “the Hyperdunk od adidas” is beyond me.

    1. It’s because it looks fairly similar to and has the same concept as the Nike’s Hyperdunk 2016 Flyknit.

  2. The first Crazy Explosive was great except for the outsole durability. I had to return mine after a week because I saw where it was headed. These new ones might as well be lows. What’s the purpose of the fake sock?

  3. I like that there is five lace holes and the “tongue” part(which isn’t a real tongue, but is the stretchable part of the upper) goes farther down the foot than the original, allowing for more of the shoe to be tightened or loosened as the players likes it and get a better fit.

    What I don’t like is that the chief complaint about the first shoe, the traction and the outsole durability, is left unchanged. Really? That should’ve been the first thing to get an overhaul. If this had a Rose 7 or CLB 2016-esque traction pattern with Continental rubber this shoe would’ve been the hammer of Thor. I’m also going to miss the geofit collar, which was a great, underrated aspect of the original.

    Overall, this shoe looks like a good continuation of the first one. Could’ve been better, though. I’ll wait for the regular version because I don’t dig those useless sock collars.

    1. Kwame -w e can’t always get what we want right?
      If they had the Drose /CLB outsole with Continental rubber.
      hands down….Banger

  4. The retail price for CE17 is the same as previous model (5,590 NTD) so I guess the retail price in the states will probably stay the same as previous gen.

  5. these are out in hong kong, i’m gonna try them out in store tomorrow maybe
    as for the CE1, i think it’s a nice shoe, but not exactly built for me, i don’t think the boost is as ‘ultraboost’ like as folks say (but then again i’ve read that quality control at adidas is kinda weird and pairs may vary), and it’s higher off the ground than the rose 7, the clb and the hardens, all three of which are at the top of my rotation
    the fit is better than any of those shoes, though, and it’s a good shoe, it just wouldn’t ever be a ‘go to’ when i need something for a big game

  6. the real question is how do I order from Taiwan, and when will my sneakers arrive at my door step?

  7. I live in the US, but anyways, I hope there can be a solid rubber outsole option with more durability for outdoor hooping.

  8. I cannot wait for this shoe/sock thing to be over. It is so damned stupid. I have never heard anyone ask for basketball shoes that look and feel like socks, ever.

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