adidas Commits to Equal Pay, Partners with LeanIn.Org for Equal Pay Day

In an effort to raise awareness that women on average are paid 20% less than men in the United States, adidas partnering with LeanIn.Org and committing to equal pay for all of its employees.

April 10, Equal Pay Day, means that women had to work all of 2017 and until this day in 2018 to catch up to what men earned in 2017 alone.

While women on average are paid 20% less than men, Black and Latina women are paid even less. Thus, LeanIn.Org is partnering with businesses throughout 2018 to highlight the unfairness of the gender pay gap.

Its latest partners, adidas and Reebok, believe that through sport they have the power to change lives. “We’re proud to partner with Lean In to raise awareness,” said Karen Parkin, Chief HR Officer and adidas Executive Board Member, in a statement. “Equal pay matters, and by eliminating the gender pay gap, we can improve the lives of women and their families.”

According to the brand, adidas will be asking customers at its stores across the country — and on — to think about the impact of 20% less. Shopping bags and purchase receipts will feature #20PercentCounts.

“We’re proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with companies that are committed to pay equity and setting a new standard for workplace equality,” said Sheryl Sandberg, founder of LeanIn.Org and COO of Facebook.

What will you be doing on Equal Pay Day to raise awareness?

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Source: adidas


  1. Oh my adidas fell for this 20% nonsense that’s been disproven numerous times already agh.

    If you take into account that women have children and prefer less dangerous and physically demanding jobs, The 20% disappears.

    How bout they boots an actual REAL issue like the starvation in Yemen. They could save lives and have gear I’d actually buy.

    1. The disparity is real, you’re doing something very naive, ‘bulk comparison'(pushing everything together, then highlight extremes, pretending they’re common), it’s how HR-divisions confuse the issue, to ‘save’ on wage-costs.

      Women are structurally underpaid though, and your explanation is THE disinfo that helps companies get away with it.

      1. No thanks MSN media are all fake shill for their backers blindly. I’d rather rely on studies and scholarly articles.

    1. It’s more complicated and not bout hand outs. The perception of a “gap” come bout if you compare men and women with out taking account the differences of preference between them/ biological difference.

      For example there is a death gap between men and women way more then 20%. Should make sure women close that gap?

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