adidas Basketball Officially Unveils the Marquee Boost, Pro Vision and N3XT L3V3L Featuring New LIGHTSTRIKE Cushioning

adidas Basketball looks to close out 2018 with a bang as it just officially unveiled its Marquee Boost, Pro Vision and N3XT L3V3L featuring the new Lightstrike cushioning.

While 2018 has been slow for adidas Basketball, the Harden Vol. 3 wound up being one of the best basketball shoes of the year. Looking to maintain its current momentum, adidas Basketball just official unveiled its latest lineup of basketball footwear and we’re excited for all of it.


Built for gameday and any day, the Pro Vision is constructed with a ripstop midfoot cage and tailored performance collar for flexible stability and comfort. A full-length Bounce midsole delivers responsive cushioning while a herringbone traction pattern ensures unrivaled grip, no matter the court surface.

“With this collection, we looked to the basketball consumer themselves to tell us what’s most important, and then worked tirelessly, creating hundreds of prototypes to perfect our designs and create something that’s never been done before, but is still undeniably adidas,” said Denis Dekovic, Creative Director at the adidas Brooklyn Farm. “For Marquee Boost and Pro Vision, we looked to past icons for inspiration, but with N3XT L3V3L, we took fundamental insights to create an icon for the future that will inspire younger generations to play. That emotional response from the kid is what we design for.”


Designed in both a low and mid version, the Marquee Boost is the most comfortable shoe in the game; inspired by adidas icons from the past, but designed for the future. The silhouette is built with full-length Boost cushioning for all-day comfort, a padded ankle collar for support and a herringbone outsole for durable traction.


Combining aesthetic with performance like never before, the N3XT L3V3L is the first-ever laceless basketball shoe from adidas that’s been perfected for on-court play. Shaped by a full Primeknit upper for unparalleled lockdown and comfort with no strings attached, the N3XT L3V3L is engineered with a lateral banking barrier for midfoot stability and targeted support when the game is at its toughest.

The N3XT L3V3L is also the first shoe to feature LIGHTSTRIKE, a new super-light midsole that provides the perfect balance of lightweight cushioning and on-court responsiveness. Created from fundamental consumer insights and a true need for innovation, LIGHTSTRIKE gives players full movement support and improved step-in comfort without any extra weight. The new midsole was created exclusively by adidas Basketball, making it perfectly tuned for explosive movements, lateral quickness and the demands of the game. The combination of this lightweight midsole with the first completely laceless upper in the market showcases the brand’s vision for future of the basketball.

Its latest footwear collection will be ready for the upcoming Spring/Summer 2019 season. Born from Brooklyn and inspired by collaborative conversations with athletes in New York City, the collection is designed to lead basketball’s ongoing evolution and push boundaries to enhance the future of the game.

The N3XT L3V3L ($180), Marquee Boost (Mid, $130 and Low, $120), and Pro Vision ($100) will be available for 24-hours on December 1 at, with additional pairs of Marquee Boost and Pro Vision dropping on December 2.

Source: adidas


  1. omg new cushion tech. I’m a sucker for new tech every timeeee!!! I really hope that this lightstrike cushion stuff is adidas’ response to Nike’s react. I love boost, and loveee hooping in my Harden but other boost models tend to be a bit heavy and can be too “sinking” sometimes. I’d love a light weight pair of hoop shoes with decent cushion! Andddd marquee boost is a must cop too, tooling seems similar to harden vol. 3 that I love. Plus the somewhat layered upper has my attention as it vaguely looks old school. Imma call these the hoopable iniki’s. (^______^)

    1. I think its gonna compete more with lunarlon than react, since they emphasized the lightness in the press release more so than the bounce or softness. “Responsiveness” I think is code for “not squishy”, maybe even “hard”. I expect it to be much, much more durable than lunarlon, though, which is the least durable cushion out there. Adidas has a good track record with foam durability so I expect this to be the same.

      I’m also looking forward to the marquee. I hope it has the same strobel board as the harden 3 so the boost can be felt better. On most of boost ball shoes, I think the hard strobel board seems to hold back the boost’s potential.

  2. The Next Level’s stability has even more focus on the midsole? Pretty smart, most intriguing model out of the 3. I’ve said before, if they make it work like the Copa cleats then it will truly be innovative.

  3. That N3XT L3V3L looks like a big ass BB Rare Metal lol

    not hating though! very interesting models indeed

  4. N3XT L3V3L doesn’t look like it going to be wide feet friendly 🙁
    Looks NIKE need to catch up with Adidas!

  5. I can’t wait to get my hands on those shoes. I hope that Lightstrike feel like bounce and boost together, it would be reeeealy nice. And high top shoe with ful-length for 130€? Very nicee kinda budget boost model.
    Greetings from Slovenia!

  6. The N3XT L3V3L is intriguing. It’s something different. The style is perfect, so for a life-style shoe this will definitely do just fine. Now it’s up to testers to see if it’s cushion is nice enough. I am also wondering if every youtube tester will give this shoe the benefit of the doubt considering your lace-up inability in the same way they did with the new Jordan 33. I hope so, ’cause the basketball world needs more flavor.

    1. I’ll admit, the whole laceless thing is going to be hard to ignore. As long as they work then that’s what matters, but it will definitely be a mind-fuck for the first wear or so. $180 is a hard pill to swallow too. However, I agree with you. This category needs something bold and this entire lineup looks like it has a little bit of everything the hoops category is currently lacking.

    1. The Next Level sold out prior to me having a chance to buy a pair, but I did grab the Marquee Boost. Hopefully we can get around to testing and reviewing each of them.

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