Adam Silver Unveils Smart Jersey During NBA All-Star Tech Summit

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver gave us a glimpse of the future during the annual All-Star Technology Summit this year.

Opening up the summit, Silver addressed the NBA’s role as a platform for discussions about basketball’s future and the role of evolving technology. Showcasing the league’s commitment, Silver headlined the event with the “smart jersey of the future” that emphasized customizability.

From the jersey number to the name, fans can now alter the look of a jersey simply by downloading an app on the phone. In demonstration, Silver flipped the jersey from a Kemba Walker model to a Stephen Curry model to a Michael Jordan model, giving us a first look at the future of athletic wear.

The tech summit is in its 20th year and draws hundreds of top league executives. Other panels include sports betting, disruptive technology, the relationship between athletes and technology, and ways to attract fans of the so-called Gen Z — the 2.5 billion people worldwide born between 1997 and 2010.

Share your thoughts on the smart jersey idea below and stay tuned for updates.

Source via ESPN

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