What’s Rumored to be the Nike Kyrie 6 Leaks Online

A rumored Nike Kyrie 6 has leaked online.

The Nike Kyrie 5 has been a solid on-court throughout 2019 and if these leaked images are to be believed, then the upcoming Nike Kyrie 6 could be very similar in performance.

While nothing official is known, the shoe seen below does look like it could be a Kyrie model as it features similar design cues from past models while adding a bit of new flavor into the mix. The Hamsa Hand tattoo played a big part in the Kyrie 5’s design and it looks like it has carried its way onto the Kyrie 6.

Traction also looks similar which has us hoping that the Nike Zoom Turbo makes another appearance as well.

As of now, there is no word on when the Nike Kyrie 6 will be unveiled or released, but if this ends up being a first look at Kyrie’s 6th signature shoe, then feel free to share your early thoughts below.

via @sneaker_speculation


  1. If this is the 6 – cool.

    It could also be a hybrid model as it incorporates many past elements. Strap from the 4. Hamsa from the 5 (its also on the heel) . The sydney opera house nod on the heel traction and midsole…

    So far I like!

  2. To me it somehow reminded me of the Kyrie Low, with all those hints of previous models. So perhaps it could be the Kyrie Low 2?

    1. A new Kyrie Low is a possibility, but I’m leaning towards it possibly being a new Hybrid. Instead of the Kyrie S1 Hybrid maybe it’s the S2 Hybrid? Who knows 🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Look carefully at the “netting”, it reads VI (6). Backside looks a bit bland, but like sample-bland. The photos have some washed out editing. The other photos that leaked showed leather on that backside.

    Hoping the 6 pans out to be more direct revision of the 4. I like the 5 a lot, and I do think it’s the better of the two, but the effective simplicity of the 4 was more impressive and undeniably more comfortable. My only complaint was length, and I felt the collar was a bit too puffy to set an accurate fit. My feet would end up sliding a bit forward at times. The 5 on the other hand is kinda skin-like. My pair has creased and contoured to my ankle area.

    1. I noticed the same (VI on the strap) but for some reason my comment was not up to Nightwing’s standards

  4. Hey nike, oops, i mean leakers. Try to up your leaking game and take some better pics. A normal profile shot would be nice.

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