A Possible First Look at the Under Armour Curry One Champ Pack

Under Armour has been putting together a Champ Pack to celebrate Stephen Curry’s first Championship win that is set to release later this year. The pack consists of two Curry One models, and it looks like we have a possible first look at which two colorways we can expect to see paired up.

I was already aware that the ‘Splash Party’ would be one of the two pairs in the pack, the colorway is rumored to be releasing as a solo drop as well, but the second colorway was said to be a number of different colorways – one of which included the Low top Friends and Family pair. Looks like the pack will actually feature one of Curry’s Away PE’s instead that he wore throughout the Playoffs which were matte Black and Yellow.

The pack is set to hit retailers September 19 for $400.

Under Armour Curry One Champ Pack 1

Under Armour Curry One Champ Pack 2

Images Via @_SHABBB


  1. All UnderArmour Curry One articles should have this subtitle: We’re showing you what will never be available in significant quantities even though the company could restock it’s site at anytime.


    These are shoes that will only be available to purchase on eBay, so enjoy your day.

    Rant over. I would like to try on and purchase a pair before the Curry 2 launches.

  2. A few weeks ago the Splash Party pair was showing up as $180. That effectively means the “Batman” color (which looks like a synthetic “MVP” version of the $120 Black and Gold Banners) is valued at $220. With the 2 on its way I can’t see how these are going for anything above $320. I really wish they would’ve saved this pack and done 1 pair of awesome unique 1s with a Curry-selected colorway first pair of 2s.

  3. Literally has 49$ hyperdunk materials. 400 is wylin and poor availability to build brand status is insulting.
    Way to emulate the big crooks tactics.

    I think I will try brand black.
    They haven’t pulled any non performance stunts so far.

    1. I agree. I don’t like what UA is doing with all the good colorways. I couldn’t get any of the good colorways that I wanted as far back as the Spawn 1s. Ever since they signed Curry, they really started d$#king around with limited quantities. They’re making them very hard to get, and I am a fan of UA from back before they signed Stephen Curry. If they keep pulling this general public not being able to get a pair of all the best colorways, then I’ll start looking to other brands such as BrandBlack.

      1. Also, why didn’t they release many good colorways of the Clutchfit Drive 1 lows? I really wanted a pair of those earlier in the year, but for some reason they didn’t release many pairs, and they ones they did release at major retailers such as Eastbay, I thought that the colorways were trash.

  4. Umm for 400 for 2 shoes that cost 120 and are not even that good of performers no thanks , he didn’t even win finals MVP and ua pullin this.

  5. Does anyone know if these are still releasing ? I’ve looked at all the release calendars and it doesn’t show the packs release date for the 19th anywhere.

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