A New Preview of the Nike AlphaDunk

An all-new preview of the upcoming Nike AlphaDunk.

While our last brief preview featured a full shot of the upcoming Nike AlphaDunk, this new look shows us the model a bit more up close.

There also looks to have been some cosmetic changes between the two models with the addition of the old Flight logo at the heel. This colorway looks very much “Penny” inspired, however, there is no confirmation that this is true.

The Nike AlphaDunk is rumored to be using a new knit construction called AirKnit. Meanwhile, the cushion features a similar setup seen in the upcoming Nike Zoom Rize — only the forefoot Zoom Air in the AlphaDunk looks massive in comparison.

We’re excited for an official unveil of the Nike AlphaDunk so stay tuned as that information should be coming very soon.

Leave your thoughts on the Nike AlphaDunk below and stay tuned for updates as they arrive.


via US11


  1. I’m looking forward to the performance reviews for these. The cushioning looks like it’ll be dope but I prefer being closer to the ground and that midsole is looking real thicc. They look like they’d be perfect for bigs and not so great for guards/players looking for court feel.

      1. there are some iteration of zoom that are very squishy that would make you tippy. shoes such as Nike Zoom All Out and the Jordan Supreme Elevation. on the otherhand, the rubber casing around the AlphaDunk looks firm enough to hold the zoom in place, imo.

    1. Ehh. The only thing that the Kobe 3 and the Alphadunks have in common are the swooshes wrapping around the back of the shoe. Kobe 3 was sleeker with a lower profile midsole and it’s waffle-like upper is pretty different from the airknit on these.

  2. This and the zoom rise are gonna confuse people. I guess this is the premium version of that. The zoom on the rise looks like a smaller white bag while this looks like the fatter visible zoom. Also this has a fancy new knit on the upper.

    1. I wouldn’t be confused considering that zoom rise had that awful oversized swoosh on the lateral front.

      1. Yes, for average consumers theres going to be some confusions and returns, definitely. I talked to some people who work at a nike store who said they would get returns all the time from casual buyers who would get similiar looking shoes to a jordan or a pegasus who would return it when they relized it wasnt what they wanted.

  3. Agreed on the likelihood of confusion between the Alpha and the Rise. Could very well be a premium and budget situation. Reminds me a lot of what Nike used to do in the mid-90’s with shoes like the Flight Lite and Flight Max, Zoom Flight Five and Air Flight Turbulence, Zoom Glove and Son of Glove, etc.

    Speaking of Flight, I’m also loving the 90’s-style “Flight” script on the heel. These look really interesting.

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