A New 3D Customization Process is Coming From Nike

We are all familiar with NikeID and the nearly endless combinations that are available for customization. Nike is bringing a new “Nike By You” 3D builder experience that allows for a 360 degree rendering of the shoe that allows for a view of the shoe all around while customizing.

The “Nike By You” builder will kick off with the Nike Air Max 720/95 ‘Heron Preston By You’. This experience takes two of former Nike designer Heron Preston’s favorite Air Max models, the Nike Air Max 95 and Nike Air Max 720, and allows for customization from colors on the uppers to choosing between the Air Max 95 or Air Max 720 midsole.

The Nike Air Max 720/95 ‘Heron Preston By You’ will be available on Nike.com on the “By You” builder April 15 through April 22. No word on pricing, but let us know in the comments if you are going to try out Nike’s “By You” builder.

Images via Nike

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  1. The problem with Nike id is that the options are so limited…gimme new materials, a bigger color pallet and more shoe options.

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