A Multi-Colored Nike Kyrie 5 is Scheduled to Release in December

Kyrie Irving’s Nike Kyrie 5 has a multi-colored version releasing this December.

I’ve been loving the Nike Kyrie 5 on-court and seeing a colorway that I like has me excited.

At $130, the shoe is still a reasonably priced signature sneaker — all things considered. Bring in colorways that are highly attractive and that makes the shoe that much more enticing.

While the colorway isn’t loud, it highlights one of the shoes main features — the Flytrap lockdown flap. Does it work? Yes. Is it a pain to get in and out of? Not anymore. Like most shoes, you break them in and entry becomes easier with every wear.

I’m sure there is a story behind this brand new look to the shoe, but it has yet to be revealed, which is something I’m happy about. I like the colorway simply because I like the colorway. I don’t care if Kyrie was practicing his handles in the rain and looked up into the sky and saw a rainbow. All jokes aside, the colorway is cool.

The current rumored release date to the multi-colored Nike Kyrie 5 is listed as December 15, but stay tuned for any potential updates.

Share your thoughts on the Nike Kyrie 5 below, especially if you’ve been playing in a pair, and stay tuned for the performance review.

Images via US11

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